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How Can I Become An Office Manager

Updated on December 12, 2016

The primary aim of an Office Manager is to oversee the various administrative functions of an office runs, ensuring that everything runs seamlessly. The tasks required by a role of office manager can vary from office to office. Office Managers are more senior than most administrative staff because they may have direct reports.

Here is a typical outline of tasks an Office Manager’s job:

· Processing orders and invoices to the nominal ledger

· Taking and making telephone calls

· Handling stock level of office supplies, mainly the stationery cupboard

· Diarising meetings

· Handling any issues with Service Providers

· Budgeting for the office’s expenditure

· The maintenance of the office facilities

· Functions for Human Resources

· The Promotion of office initiatives

· Data management of databases and general maintenance of any system

· Acting as a point of communication within the organisation for the office

Office Managers will complete these activities, in their day to day role. However, the roles can vary from these tasks greatly. The principal aim of the job will always be the same in any job; an Office Manager is to tasked with ensuring that an Office runs efficiently and handles any issues that arise. Office Managers often have a managerial function with staff in their team. They normally have clerical staff who will report directly into the Office Manager; this brings many managerial tasks such as interviewing and HR functions.

What Is A Good Office Manager

Being successful will depend on your ability to adapt to a job that is constantly changing and offering new challenges, is the most important component for this job.

There are still some definable skills:

•Strong academics, which should be to at least Secondary Education

•Verbal and written communication skills

•Organisational skills

•Competence in a wide range of Microsoft Office

•Good numeracy

•Problem solving

•Working to meet a tight schedule

•Decision making

•Strong people skills and discretion for sensitive information


How To Become An Office Manager

You will require a good level of education, to at least Secondary Education. Office Manager Courses can be found all over the UK. Consider carefully that you are getting the correct course. Remember that you will need the course to cover all the skill areas discussed. As Office Manager act often as management, you should check that there is an element of management training. If you miss out on this training, you may find it hard to take on managing people in reality, so this training will be vital. However, managing people will really promote your career and it can be the most rewarding and interesting aspect of your work.

Office Managers Careers

Remember that Office Manager careers are challenging and interesting. They are accessible for anyone with office experience. It is the summit for many peoples careers


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