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Get the Top Paying Job How to Dress for Success

Updated on August 7, 2017

Dressing for Success

Notice how professional they are dressed. Their hair is clean and off their face. You can see them and they are prepared.
Notice how professional they are dressed. Their hair is clean and off their face. You can see them and they are prepared.

Dressing for Success for a Women

First Impressions are VERY important when you are meeting new people and especially when interviewing for a job. Depending on the situation your appearance can make a huge impact on how people relate to you.

Try to dress the part. If you are going on a job interview you want to wear something professional that you also feel good about and are comfortable in. By professional a skirt or discreet dress for a women would be a good choice. Women need to be conscious of not wearing anything sexually provocative and to instead look professional. If your favorite most professional dress is low cut you can wear a classy scarf around your neck and tucked into your bust area or wear a cute camisole or sweater . Too high a heel can also be a problem especially if you are not comfortable in them. Leave your flashy jewelry at home for an evening out and instead wear some nice pearl studs and necklace. Try on several outfits and get some friends opinions.

Wash and style your hair. Good grooming is essential. Do not overdue on makeup. You don't want to look like you don't care but too much makeup can come across incorrectly. In can make you look great or dare I say "Trampy".

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Aerosoles Women's Playhouse Pump
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Dressing for Success for a Man

For a man a nice dark, well-fitting suit would be appropriate. Try to wear a conservative tie, not too loud and flashy. A man also needs to feel very comfortable in his appearance. Be sure your shoes are in good condition and polished. Little things can mean a lot. For a job interview a man needs his hair to be off his neck and face and he should be clean shaven unless of course he sports a beard or mustache.

Have your hair cut a few weeks before your meeting. This way you will have time to get used to your new cut and know best how to style it. A woman should wear a conservative, pretty hairstyle with no roots showing. Men should leave the pomade at home and try to have a professional short style or at least have long hair clean and pulled back.

How to Impress for success

Don't come to an interview sick. Especially on the first or second day of a cold when you are sneezing incessantly. You are pretty certain not to get the job if you give your interviewer the flu or a cold. If you are not feeling up to the interview DON'T GO. Send a nice apology and reschedule. You need to feel confident and well in order to make a positive first impression.

Leave children at home. If babysitting is a problem reschedule in plenty of time. Try not to reschedule at the last minute and don't be late. Being late gives a person a signal that you do not think they are important and is certain to leave a bad impression. Try to be a few minutes early. Not only will this make your interview or meeting go well but will give you time to relax and be prepared for your meeting.

Body language is very important also. Do not cross your arms or cross your legs showing a closed and defensive stance. Keep your hands in your lap and your feet on the floor.

Try to eat before you meet someone. You don't need anything to divert your attention away from your interview, even hunger. Low blood sugar can also keep you from thinking clearly during a meeting or interview.

How to put someone at ease

When you meet someone new try to be truly sincere. Look the new acquaintance in the eye. A strong and firm hand shake is important in a job interview or any meeting for that matter. Some people do not realize how important sincerity is when meeting someone. We are often so caught up in our own feelings that we fail to listen to what is being said to us. People are actually thinking about themselves and it is important to let someone know you care and are attentive to them. Even someone you feel is far above you on the job latter. We are all human.

Be true to yourself. It is not difficult to tell when someone is faking and is not actually sincere in how they feel. You may think you are getting away with faking interest but usually people can tell if you truly care.

Smile often. A good smile is so important in first impressions. If you have an important interview coming up be sure you are up to date with your dental checkups and floss and brush your teeth twice daily. Crest white strips or a similar product worn once daily for a week can make a huge difference in how your teeth look. White teeth are very important today. A nice smile will also relax your interviewer and you.

The Interview or Meeting

As you meet someone for the first time smile, reach out and offer a FIRM handshake. Try not to have sweaty palms!!!!!!

Whenever you leave an interview be sure to shake hands again and thank him or her for the opportunity to have the meeting. Even if you don't want the job you never know who they might know that can influence other job opportunities.

If this is a job interview bring a portfolio with paper and a pen. Be sure to have your resume up to date and with you. If you need help go online and find someone that specifically works with people helping to update resumes. Have several of your most trusted friends go over it with you .Be sure they will give you their HONEST opinion. Bring samples of any of your work, if applicable. Your goal here is to look professional and prepared. You WANT this job!!!!!

Put your new acquaintance at ease and let them know how important you feel your meeting with them is. Be courteous and open. Sometimes if an employer likes you he may find a job for you somewhere in the company even if you are not suited for the one you are interviewing for.

Do a google search of the company executives and learn as much as possible about the company. Be prepared to answer questions such as "Why should we hire you?" Practice your presentation with someone in advance. Always turn off your cell phone to avoid irritating interruptions. Avoid shaking your foot or other nervous habits like clearing your throat or repeating a word such as " um".

Consider visiting the company the day before to get a feel for the facility. Be sure to be early and always be polite to the front desk staff.


Once you have all the information you need and have successfully finished your interview or date be courteous and grateful.

Always sent a follow up thank you note after and interview or a kind message if it is a date.

For a job interview follow up again in a few weeks. Remember people are busy and the "squeaky wheel gets the grease".

Happy meeting.

How to Dress for Success

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