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Effective Communication Training - 7 Tips To Dress For Success-Part IV

Updated on October 8, 2014

You Will Feel Successful When You Dress For Success

In today's society we have become very relaxed about our appearance. This alone can close important doors until we change the way we think. Look at the people you admire in the top positions and notice how they dress to make an impression.

Don't let your appearance keep you from excelling or getting noticed. The outfit you wear should reflect your environment from casual, creative to business. It should be crisp, clean and you should be well groomed.

It's best to go dressed for business for an interview until you get the job and until you know the dress code for the environment.

*It is illegal to not hire someone because of the way they dress, but first impressions are everything. Remember the recruiters are looking for someone that is right for their company.

7 Tips For Dressing For Success

  1. Have your nails filed and clean.
  2. Wear professional wrinkle free apparel.
  3. Leave over powering perfumes at home.
  4. Men need a cut every week to look professional.
  5. Alternate and shine your shoes to keep them from looking worn.
  6. Get your hair cut professionally or pull back long hair if in a corporate setting.
  7. Go get a consultation from a professional to teach you how to wear a
    business suit.

Suits and shoes have to be alternated to keep the shape and good looks.Having a few suits and shoes to wear will allow you clothe to last longer and wrinkles to fall out. Daily pressing wears down clothe.Always hang your pants straight and not bent on hangers.

You will be respected as a professional by the way you carry yourself and by the clothing you wear.You may think investing in new clothe may be expensive. But not doing so will prove to be more costly in the long run.

You will get into more doors with this advice. When learning how to dress for success be consistent. Learn how to Dress For Success and instantly feel and talk with confidence.

Dress For Success

Effective Communication Skills Series

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