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How to deal with an annoying boss?

Updated on October 4, 2011
The mood swings of an annoying boss can be tough to handle
The mood swings of an annoying boss can be tough to handle

How to deal with an annoying boss?

Do you have an annoying boss?

Is your boss getting a bit too, bossy?

Is your boss, just full of it?

Is your boss making your work-life miserable?

Is your boss giving you too much work deliberately?

Do you think you deserve better treatment from your boss?

Have you lost all hope?

Learn how to deal with an annoying boss and put an end to all your worries with these super fun, super easy and super effective ways to make your boss happy. It is easier said than done, but be patient and work your way in his/her good books.

1) Be direct. Your boss does not have time to read between the lines.

2) Don't hold back in showing displeasure. If something your boss has said/done annoyed you, make the annoyance apparent to them.

3) Have an opinion and say No when you don't agree with your boss. Many bosses look for people in their staff who can be their 'brakes' whenever necessary. If you spot a mistake in your bosses' final report to the executives', he/she will be glad you did. You may even get rewarded for it. Whoever knew that disagreeing with your boss would be so much fun?

Temper tantrums of an annoying boss can ruin a good day at work
Temper tantrums of an annoying boss can ruin a good day at work

4) Share gossip. Your boss will love it if you are his/her eyes and ears outside the cabin.

5) Induce healthy flirting in your relationship with your boss, if he/she is of the opposite sex. Do not flirt with your boss if he/she is the same sex as you and you're not sure about his/her sexual orientation.

6) When you say you'll do something, do it. All bosses appreciate employees who can 'get the job done'.

7) Go to work hungover. Your boss will realize that you have a life outside work.

8)Get to know your boss better by knowing his likes, dislikes, family background, hobbies and much more. If you've been working with your boss for a long time, take your relationship to the next level. Personal bonding will improve work relations.

9) If you're not in the mood to work, tell your boss so. You are a human being, not a robot. If your boss is a good manager, he/she will take this in the spirit of humor and laugh it off. But don't make this a habit. You will invite trouble if you harass him/her every Monday morning with your mood swings.

10) Don't knock. Barge into your boss' office when you want to get work done.

11) When you're busy, ask your boss not to disturb or interrupt you. He/she will realize that you mean business.

12) Get drunk with your boss. It's a great way to lose any inhibitions on either side.

13) If you have an idea that you think may better the functioning or performance of your firm or company, communicate it to your boss. You'll be surprised to see how a simple idea can change the course of a business for the better.

14) Dress well, look good. You are your bosses' front runner and you represent him/her when you walk over to other departments to get work done. He/She will appreciate if you put in effort to look good and portray a professional image, always.

15) Don't be late. Don't work too late either.


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