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How to organize your day and avoid bad time management?

Updated on August 22, 2012
Better Time Management - Starts with YOU!
Better Time Management - Starts with YOU!

Ever wondered why some people are really good at getting things done on time and are so organized in their daily activities whether it is social or business, their ability to manage time so effectively makes you want to cringe.

Some of us become accustomed to taking the natural option of time management and do things in a methodical way as we have done all our lives. But as you grow-up and your responsibilities increase you suddenly find yourself lapsing behind and there are occasion when your mind totally forgets an item that you wanted or worse still was tasked to do but due to time pressures or lack of time management you did not complete.

Do you want to make better use of your time? I am sure the answer is yes, in which case you're not alone. We all want to be more productive and have the ability to better manage our time; however, none of us want to spend every waking hour at work or at home thinking continuously what shall I do next, what time is my next item due to be completed on the to-do list.

This is where two nice words come in – Time and Management. We all know that ‘Time’ is very valuable and waits for no one, so it is in our interest to make better use of the time that we have at our disposal. If you spend a few minutes thinking about it, we really do not have much time in our hands especially if you take into account things like:

Time Management Daily Cycle
Time Management Daily Cycle

This pattern is a routine for many people, some very busy successful people claim to only sleep 4-5 hours a night, they are very organised, therefore; able to make use of the time that they recoup from sleeping fewer hours. For the rest of us it is an uphill battle tying to manage and complete our daily chores based on the above time pattern.

What is Time Management?

Time management is all about managing yourself, and planning. It's about making a commitment to be more organised, maintaining your focus and using your time to your best advantage. Too often people are put off adopting methods that would help improve their ability to better organize the day and manage time effectively; simply because they feel that the approach is to lengthy or requires too much effort.

The key to you being successful in completing your daily activities is time management it is the activity of you planning your day, week, month, year so on, then protecting the planned time and activity till it is complete. Those who say that they have no time do not plan, or fail to protect planned time. If you plan what to do and when, and then stick to it, you will have time.

This requires conditioning, or re-conditioning your environment and thought process. For people who have demands placed on them by others, particularly managers, customers, family members etc, time management needs you to develop your ability to manage expectations of others. Time management is about bringing under your control the environment that you live and work in, rather than allowing your environment to condition you through the demands it places on you. If you tolerate, and accept without question, the interruptions and demands of others, you are effectively encouraging them and increasing time management pressures.

Learn to say NO! – Politely and offer to put it into your diary for another time.


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