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Starting your WAHM Business- A Realistic View

Updated on April 10, 2011
Step by step tutorials on how to set up your online business
Step by step tutorials on how to set up your online business

Having a Desire to Work from Home?

Are you looking for a secondary source of income? Do you intend to be a mumpreneur that works from the comfort of your home with the ability to oversee your growing children? Now maybe the best time for you to start creating you new source of income. Within time you may even enjoy having a full automated business which requires minimal supervision.

I'm sure most mothers dream job is one whereby they are able to earn money while at the same time spend quality and quantity time with their growing children. I too have that dream and am on my way to fully automate my home business.

Many mothers do not have the luxury of a flexi-hour well paid job. In fact most of us do long hours at full time jobs just to help bring in the bacon. By the time we reach home we are exhausted and lack the drive to spend time with our children.

This doesn't mean that if you are working from homeyou may have it easier. You may not have the finances to outsource the babysitting as you work on your latest client's project.

It may be harder for you to allocate time to spend with your kids and both the business as both may be equally important to you.

However with proper time management and these tips it is possible to have your cake and eat it at the same time.

Create a Business Plan

A well documented business plan is the skeleton to any business. Whether a business is a success or a failure depends on how you execute your business plan. You need not fret about not being able to come up with a solid business plan. One can always conduct brainstorming sessions with your family and friends over tea and list down plausible ideas to be worked upon.

Take your time to do your research. There is a lot of information out there on the Internet, newspaper and other medias.

Do not act hastily and follow the current trends if you are unsure about the market you are entering. It does pay to make an informed decisionĀ  and focus on a business which you have an interest and are passionate about.


It is important to note the amount of money you are willing to invest in your business. It make take quite a while to recroup your capital. It can take anywhere from months to a few years to make your business profitable. Meanwhile you need to assess if you have the funds to run the business while at the same time have enough to pay the bills and for day to day living.

Have a work/family schedule

It can be hard on oneself if the boundaries between family and business are blurred. To prevent yourself from suffering from burn-outĀ  and possible depression it is important to set a schedule which marks out the time you will spend on your work and other mommy duties.

It can be more challenging for a mompreneur if you are dealing with an infant or toddler as they have more demanding needs as compared to older kids. However as you settle into motherhood and as the children grow up it is possible to gradually schedule more time for more challenging projects.

Another plausible solution is having a business which can incorporate your kids irregardless of which stage of life they are in.


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