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Join The Coast Guard and Protect the USA

Updated on August 6, 2011

Recruitment Video

Coast Guard Ship


Join The Coast Guard and Protect the Homeland

The Coast Guard is a branch of the military that provides protection for the all water vessels in USA waters. It also attends to operations such as the oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico and protects all of the United States Coast lines. While the Coast Guard is an active military branch it is not deployed overseas but within the waters of the United States thus protecting the Homeland.

The same opportunities are available in the Coast Guard as within in any other branch of the military without the duties such as serving as prison guards like the Navy was stuck with during the Iraq war. So if you are a no confrontations none combat person who has a bit of sea salt in your blood then the cast guard might be a career for you.

I will provide several links back to the official Coast Guard site as I defer all the expertise to the actually Coast Guard.


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