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New Mexico, a Sustainability State

Updated on March 11, 2015
Entrance to a local Native American installation.
Entrance to a local Native American installation.

Economic Development Plans through 2017 - Sustainability

The State of New Mexico partners with public and private entities in the New Mexico Workforce Innovation in Regional Economic Development Initiative or New Mexico WIRED.

The goals of this strong initiative center on the desire to stimulate entrepreneurship (small and large businesses), to advance the a technically trained workforce, and to promote a public policy that actively and visibly rewards innovative ideas and implementation.

New Mexco WIRED is supported by US federal funding to join business, national laboratories (Los Alamos and others), investors, economic developers, educational facilities workforce development agencies, and governmental departments for success in economic growth and increasing quality of life in New Mexico..

All of these organizations copperate for thje common goal of ensuring all New Mexicans a first-class education and workforce training, with high-quality well paying green collar jobs in the Sustainability Industry. New Mexico offers a very interesting array of fast growing jobs and industries. Forest Service and Environmental Engineering jobs are readily available and expanding in numbers in this state.

Fort Union, National Park Service
Fort Union, National Park Service

Cities With Most Jobs Available

  1. Albuquerque
  2. Santa Fe
  3. Las Cruces
  4. Farmington
  5. Hobbs
  6. Roswell
  7. Carlsbad
  8. Clovis
  9. Rio Rancho
  10. Alamogordo

Recent Job Listings

Highest Demand Jobs

  1. Sales-related Jobs: Sales Managers, Insurance Agents, Store Managers, Retail Salespeople, other
  2. Engineers, all fields
  3. Physical and Occupational Therapists
  4. Registered Nurses
  5. Physical Therapy Assistants
  6. Restaurant Jobs: Crew and Managers
  7. Oil & Natural Gas Jobs
  8. Truck Drivers


Increases In Jobs Advertised in New Mexico

Jobs increased to January 2012 and held steady, with another increase in June 2012 held relatively steady through to March 2013. Impressive job increases occurred in 2014, with a delcine in early 2015, followed by a new increase in March 2015.

The graph above shows steady increase with an upward sweeping curve.

Top 10 Largest Employers in New Mexico

Largest Employers and Number Employed Yearly.


Top 20 Fastest Growing Jobs through 2017

The following jobs are listed, along with the percentage increase that they are expected top demonstrate. The top 10 represent a variety of services on the upswing.

  1. Computer Software Applications Engineers 59.1%
  2. Personal & Home Care Aides 58.0%
  3. Home Health Aides (HHAs) 48.8%
  4. Corrections Officers 33.0%
  5. Medical Assistants 30.7%
  6. Elementary School Teachers - Mainstream and Special Education 28.1%
  7. Law Enforcement Patrol Officers 27.2%
  8. Customer Service Representatives 26.8%
  9. All Food Preparation & Servers 26.6%
  10. Social & Human Service Assistants 25.6%
  11. Middle School Teachers - Mainstream and Special Education 25.6%
  12. Registered Nurses (RNs) 23.7%
  13. Accountants & Auditors 19.8% - Includes Forensic Accounting.
  14. Secondary School Teachers - Mainstream and Special Education 19.3%
  15. Nursing Aides and related jobs 19.1%
  16. Restaurant Cooks 18.3%
  17. Child Care jobs 18.0%
  18. Wait Staff 16.6%
  19. Executive Secretaries & Admin. Assts 16.4%
  20. Retail Salespersons 15.4%
  21. Janitors & Industrial Cleaners 15.3%
  22. Receptionists 14.3%
  23. Security Guards 14.0%
  24. General Office Clerks 13.8%

A number of the Largest 20 Employers in New Mexico are medical centers and universities that have medical centers on campus.

Fast Growing Jobs

All of the Top 20 Fastest-Growing Jobs in New Mexico are in

  • Healthcare and Information Technology (IT/computers).

Job titles at Numbers 14 and 15 in Forensics and Veterinary Care are also health related and may offer IT jobs as well. Through 2017, the industries to watch are

  • Healthcare & Social Services,
  • Educational Services,
  • Travel & Tourism, and
  • Retail Trade.

Many of the Top 20 Jobs require only short-term on the job training (OJT) after high school or GED attainment, or a 2-year associates degree. A few of these jobs require moderate lengths of OJT. A few others require a Bachelor's or higher academic degree.

Workers can begin employment in a job that requires OJT and work their way up through education and training opportunities associated with their jobs and employers, especially in Healthcare and often in the IT Industry as well. Major hospitals and universities often provide tuition waiver or reimbursement for their employees, a good option for workers wanting to break into IT or Healthcare and move up from an entry level position.

A number of the Largest 20 Employers in New Mexico are medical centers and universities that have medical centers on campus.

Large government related employers and vendors on the list offer IT opportunities. Many openings with large employers are in the hospitality and service industries, as well as janitorial and housekeeping, as shown in the Top 10 Jobs that Offer the Highest Number of Openings in New Mexico (see chart below).

Renewable Energy is becoming a productive business opportunity and avenue for Green-Collar Jobs or Green Jobs in Arizona. Arizona renewable energy takes the form of active and passive solar, photovoltaic hydrogen, and wind energy. New Mexico also offers Solar Tax Credits, a Hybrid Tax Exemption and a Sustainable Building Tax Credit.

Route 66 Sights

Whiting Brother's Gas Station along Route 66
Whiting Brother's Gas Station along Route 66 | Source
A markerRoute 66, New Mexico -
East Route 66 Boulevard, Tucumcari, NM 88401, USA
get directions

Aztec Ruins National Monument

 Aztec Ruins National Monument in San Juan County,
Aztec Ruins National Monument in San Juan County, | Source

Aztec Ruins National Monument, NW of Santa Fe

A markerAztec Ruins National Monument -
Aztec Ruins National Monument, 84 County Road 2900, Aztec, NM 87410, USA
get directions

Native American Businesses

Native American Nations in New Mexico own numerous resort-class hotels and other businesses that offer job openings to Native and non-Native peoples.

The Nations need healthcare and social services workers of various education levels as well. Some of these positions are offered on federal and state job search sites

Tribal-owned Resorts in New Mexico

Jicarilla Apache Tribe

  • Best Western Jicarilla Inn - US Highway 64; Dulce, NM 87528; Phone 505-759-3777

Mescalero Apache Tribe

  • Casino Apache Travel Center - 25845 US Highway 70; Mescalero, NM 88340; Phone (800) 545-9011
  • Inn of the Mountain Gods - 287 Carrizo Canyon Road; Mescalero , NM 88340; Phone (800) 545-9011

Pueblo of Acoma
Pueblo of Isleta

  • Palace West - State Road 45; Isleta, NM 87105 -- At the Y. intersection of Coors & Isleta Road; Phone 505-869-4102

Pueblo of Laguna
Pueblo of Pojoaque

Taos County, New Mexico in 1943
Taos County, New Mexico in 1943

Sports and Education

College and High School Sports Teams

  • New Mexico Lobos - Albuquerque
  • New Mexico State Aggies - Las Cruces
  • Western New Mexico Mustangs - Silver City

League Sports

Higher Education Options in New Mexico

Hot Air Ballooning: Icon of New Mexico


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      Patty Inglish 5 years ago from North America

      Ooooh, sounds fun and exciting! Blackwater Draw is calling to me to visit. I envy you for living in NM.

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      Chris Tinder 5 years ago from Clovis, NM

      Haha! True, but who needs pyramids when we have Carlsbad Caverns, White Sands, and if you're into archeology you can come out my way and check out black water draw in Portales to look at some of the first arrow heads ever discovered!

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      You gave me a good chance to update the Hub. It would be great to have pyramids in NM, though.

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      Why is there a picture of Chichen Itza in this hub? That is in Mexico about 2000 miles away from New Mexico. Just wondering.

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      Richard 10 years ago

      Great pictures on this Hub with some job leads I had not considered. Thanks.