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Learning Effective Communication Skills- 10 Effective Communication Tips- Part III

Updated on October 7, 2014

Persuasive Communication Skills

  • A great communicator will never overwhelm, over talk or bombard a person with to much information.
  • A good communicator listens more than they talk and puts their prospect first through consultation and education.
  • Being in a help mode with persuasive skills will get you further faster and with less work.

How To Improve Self Confidence

One of the most effective communication skill is developing your self confidence. Self confidence is a communication skill we cannot pretend to have. I don't have to tell you how the lack of knowledge while speaking destroys your confidence.

As you learn how to communicate effectively you will feel and show more confidence and others will see it. Confidence comes from having the right knowledge. Read on and by the end of this hub you will be well on your way to talking and feeling more confident.

Proper communication skills training in business will allow you to be more confident when you speak to employers,competitors and prospects. More importantly I want you to deal with your past baggage, forgive it and move on!

It's Time To Move Forward!!

You cannot be fully confident when you are holding onto past issues in your life or failed projects. This causes:

  • resistance
  • failures
  • paralysis

Successful people that have extraordinary self confidence have 3 things in common; they:

  1. Tell the truth.
  2. Let go of the past.
  3. Have persuasive skills.

Learn how to sell/persuade with confidence by telling the truth to your prospects. You can easily tell the truth by knowing your product.

When people have low self esteem and low confidence they tend to brag, lie and cheat to get ahead. Real winners have no need to do this. Most people are too smart to be fooled and you will cost yourself too much money from hiding behind hype.

Forgiving your self from past failures and using them as learning lessons is more constructive. After all we don't make it to winning until we fail first!

You know how you feel when a slick talker walks up to you talking a mile a minute about an amazing product doing an awesome to good to be true service for a too good to be true price. This is not confidence this is low class audacity!

If a prospect becomes a customer and finds out you have lied to get the deal they will spread that negative word faster than if you told the truth. Why humiliate yourself, when you can do your due diligence.

10 Effective Communication Tips

If you want to improve your self confidence reading all the self help book in the world will not help until you learn how to move on from past hardships and grow from them. You will always be paralyzed from growing until this is done.The answer has always been in you, but has been ignored or suppressed.

"Until you know yourself you can not know others." Helen Keller

  1. Learn Leadership Skills.Become someone that is admired, respected and is dependable.
  2. Oral communication- Make yourself understood by effectively transfering ideas and information to your target audience.
  3. Teaching Mode- You will often find yourself in a teaching mode when it is impairative to have your audience fully understand you or your solution. There are 3 types of learners the include seeing (visual) learners, hearing (auditory)learners and those that learn by doing(kinesthetic/tactile).
  4. Written Communication- You will have to learn how to write in a clear,concise professional manner to be understood. Having a strong understanding of grammar and a broad vocabulary base is a great place to start.
  5. Dress code- You will be surprised what our clothing communicates about us. Don't inadvertently send a wrong message.
  6. Stay positive with yourself and others.
  7. Enhance your Time Management Skills.
  8. Stay Current- Get latest subscriptions to magazines in your field.
  9. Never over whelm a person with facts; educate them.
  10. Improve social skills(firm hand shake, eye contact,listen than talk etc)

A person that is well groomed and friendly will be given an opportunity to
be heard. But if your doing business over the phone you must sound as
pleasant and helpful as possible all it takes is the wrong tone to be

Improve your self confidence and your prospects will know and feel secure and have confidence in you. Learning to communicate by putting your audience first will allow them to hear you and feel like they have made their own decision by acting in your favor. Learning to be a persuasive speaker is not the opposite of attacking your audience and losing deals.

Working smart by communication persuasively will close more deals faster and more effectively that bombarding hundreds of people with jargon, banter and outdated sales techniques.


Part 1- How To Develop Your Listening Skills To Find Objections that hide behind the objection that your prospect gave you. The real objection will allow you to save the deal and win a long term customer.

Part 2- Organizational Skills- If your not organized there is no way to keep track of your follow ups and your progress. Can this be why your not making the money others are making? Learning how to organize yourself will enable you to keep progressing and growing your income. What helps you make the bucks?

Part 4- How To Dress For Success- If you don't look successful, how are you supposed to feel successful. Success start inside of your packaging. You may not be convinced but just look at the people with the six figure incomes.

Part 5- How To Show Enthusiasm At Work- If you plan on making deals,getting a promotion, or getting that job, you better start getting excited. If you don't care the person you want to impress won't either. Learn how to get excited and stop losing out.


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    • Elearn4Life profile image

      Darlene Matthews 2 years ago

      @TMW- The better one is able to communicate the more confidant they are doing so. How confident is a person that can't read or is ignorant in a area of conversation they know nothing about?

      My point is learning how to effectively communicate in any area helps with confidence.

    • profile image

      Trivedi Master Wellness 2 years ago

      Yes, an effective communication is a big factor for high confidence. The 10 Effective Communication Tips are really nice and helpful.

      What my concern is ... a good confidence leads to effective communication skills or good communication skills leads to improvement in the self confidence??

    • Elearn4Life profile image

      Darlene Matthews 6 years ago

      Thanks for your useful comment ambrking.

    • ambrking profile image

      ambrking 6 years ago from Encino, California

      Confidence is very important. If you are a sales person this is what you should learn to master. Showing lack of confidence will make prospects think twice about negotiating with you.