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Selling Process

Updated on March 7, 2010

In the entire world every final step have some proceeding activities of steps which lead to final destination, to reach at the top of building one must go through stairs, Similarly every salesman have target to sell its product to particular market or person but this is final step and to reach it sales team goes through these activities or actions.

Prospecting - Firstly Identifying and Qualifying of Potential customer is required, Identify means who can be a customer and qualifying means who can finally purchase the product, a study suggested that effective and non-effective sales man's difference is of only identifying, it also suggested that sales force must be trained for right identification.

The process begins with identification of market and determining the type of person or organization which may buy the product as it's their need. Identification of Target Market / Potential customer may be through these ways which are highly effective.

  • Present Customer Contacting with them and trying to sell them new product which a company launches using any of Traditional or Modern Sales Approaches, Present Customer may also be helpful in such way because they already know your company and have good relation and better trust and understanding with you instead of other competitors
  • Former Customer These are those customer who have left using your product or service due to any reason and their needs may be changed so they left you, but your new service or product may be sold
  • Cold Calling Its simply dialing numbers from a directory and introducing ourselves as a company or going door-to-door and asks if they have any need of your product
  • Spotters These are those people you take commission from you and identify and qualify prospects and gives you data
  • Directories and Mailing Lists Yellow Pages, Reference Books, Moody's Industrial direcotry, Trade Generals and others (these have segments and one can get it's targeted audiences)
  • Prospecting Services somewhere it's alike spotters but they are more specialized in it
  • Referrals Most widely used technique of going to some new customer with reference of old ones and asking current customer for there contacts that may buy a product
  • Personal Contacts Simply Friends and Family
  • Trade Shows Trade shows are very helpful that only those people comes in such shows whom are really interested in that kind of product or product line for which show is held
  • Direct Marketing Bulk Emails, Cold Calls, Telemarketing and other tools are used

Once of you identified your potential market the next step is to qualify that how much from above 100 can buy the product or have need of your product. Above Identification may give you thousands of people but those thousands may not surely buy you, Companies now don't waste resources on such things and qualify selected persons who will buy

Approach: Sales introduction to introduce him or herself in front of prospect, it highlights the purpose of visiting and try to build a relation with prospect which is normally called as Rapport. While he or she introduces him or herself some Major Points should be viewed carefully

  • Be Clean
  • Carefully groomed
  • Wearing neat and professional clothing
  • Pronouncing name of prospect correctly
  • Being pleasant and alert to respond
  • Wait for the prospect to offer for shaking hands
  • Chewing Gum or smoking is unfavorable for prospect
  • Concentration on prospect is highly important

During meeting a good sales man can judge Prospect's favorable and unfavorable respeonces verbally or nonverbally like Prospect's attention or nodding against statement in favorable that Prospect is understanding what he's saying

Preparation should be done before approaching to Propect to know about in details of him or her and also of product & company

If all things are correctly done and now the most important part of presentation comes which would be formal or informal, it depends. During presentation Prospects attention may be developed easily by using any or combination of proved strategies.

  • Asking benefits to Prospect like your full time accountant would finish work in 2 hours if you start using software i took for you and you don't need to hire a full time accountant, just hire part-time and save money, are you interested?
  • Offering service is simply that we are Offering free keyboard, mouse, speaker and web camera if you buy CPU or LCD
  • Give valuable things to Prospect like key-chain, diary or any thing you like but it should be allowed by company's policy

Once Salesman done above things the point comes to know about needs of prospect which may be judged using SPIN Selling Technique

As i have mentioned above ask a question, one would surely know why asking, Let me explain you Benefits of Asking Questions During Sales Presentation

Selling is not an easy task until a good sales manager convience the prospect and prospect gets agree to buy, prospect may an convinced by Feature Benefit Selling Technique

Its relating prospect’s needs with product that prospect will receive benefit from the feature product carry, feature is product’s attribute and benefits are outcomes of features which consumes gets.

Sometimes with no reason but Prospect may have many sort of objection for which SOME OBJECTION HANDLING TECHNIQUES are used

The last thing is Closing and Follow up

Closing needs clear understanding of Prospect and for Good Closing you may use these or any or these following methods

One more Yes ... If Yes - then done

Percieve - From prospect you may percieve that order is final

Sign - you may ask Prospect to sign the contract

or any other and for followup it's just to give after sales services to our customers because if you build one customer it will give you 4 customers in future but if due to any reason we have any dissatisfied customer it would cause us to loose 11 customers

For followup the very simple thing is to be in touch with customer or ask him to contact you if any problem is found

Thanks !


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    • Rizwan Amjed profile image

      Rizwan Amjed 5 years ago

      Thank you All

    • profile image

      yemisi jemiyo 5 years ago

      very insightful and informational.i have a better understanding of the selling process and how to finally close the deal.

      Many thanks