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Affiliate Networks: Share A Sale Affiliate Networking

Updated on May 3, 2012

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ShareASale: The Affiliate Network

Through all the other affiliate networks this is the best one up there with the other top two Commission Junction and AffiliateBOT for me these three networks offer the best tools for me and my small affiliate business.

But concentrating on the Shareasale network, it for me has some good tools that I use all the time, some of the tools are quite useful too, let me go through some of the top tools for your affiliate marketing of the affiliate programs that they provide.

Your affiliate account

The account is all set out with your main stats and tools for promoting each affiliate, most of the merchants offer their own links which seem to be hosted on, banners and text links and even product links with good quality images of the products so you can promote them all over the internet.

Your Stats

Your sales and clicks and even leads are all tracked from your account and links that you place elsewehere on the internet and daily clicks are recorded.

This is useful for determining your clicks and where they come from on your websites, also the use of trackers and other tags can help you in your sales tracking for your affiliate promotions.

The create a page tool

This tool is very useful in that you can create a page full of related products, maybe you have a website which needs more product content to back up your other content and product examples are the best forms of recommendations that people could want to find, so set aside some time to create a page, it's a useful tool to build product links and it's as easy as pointing an clicking to create your page and copy an pasting the html code as with other applications online, this is the basis of affililiate marketing and promotion.

Upload Video Creatives

Video marketing is the main solid promotion of affiliate and internet marketing so they recently added this where you can upload a video and base a promotion around a particular product area and review it or talk about an area of expertise that you can relate to and away you go.

There is a lot you can do with this video tool, so the more creative you can think up good review videos and relevant video marketing the better.

The Choice Of Affiliate Programs

The huge range of affiliate programs and merchants available within the Sharasale network are good and there are some recognizable online business brands aswell as small business brands that convert into sales quite well, the more niche focused your website, blogs and web pages are the more you can pick and choose from the affiliates available.

There are affiliate programs in quite a few niche markets on the Shareasale network and it's the use of the top performing ones and a mix of the mower paying ones and also the paid for leads ones are the best earners because these rely on someone just signing up for something or joining an opt in list or whtever the merchant has set to pay for leads.

While I am a great fan of residual or recurring income affiliate programs, as this is more productive for your promotions and worthwhile too, the thought of recieving one off sales is great, but the idea of recieving multiple recurring commissions every two weeks or monthly is far greater to imagine.

What are your thoughts on the Shareasale Network?

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