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Short Inspirational Stories: Disabilities

Updated on May 8, 2014

Short Inspirational Story

This is a story of how a young lady that suffers from a few disabilities rose to the occasion to find a job and be a successful contributor to the community she lives in. It wasn't easy for her or those helping her find employment, but this short inspirational story can help raise anyones spirits and help them in their pursuit of their dreams. The name has been changed in order to protect this individual.

Joanna and her Interests

Joanna is an amazing individual that likes sports, music, movies, reading, sewing, interaction with people, and helping others. She, like most of us, want to also wanted to work in an area that would allow her to incorporate her talents, hobbies, and desires in her line of work. She never thought that her experiences could end up being a short inspirational story that could help hundreds of other people.


Joanna's Journey to Success

Joanna had been successful at finding work where she could help people during the span of her life, but chose to pursue help from Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) this go around. She started working with VR and the vendor RISE. Joanna was assigned an Employment Specialist that helped her in her job searching. She and the Employment Specialist from RISE worked together to determine areas of interest, train in different areas that she could improve on, and searched for jobs that would allow her to be successful and happy.

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Service Oriented

It was determined that they would pursue a work environment where she could work with people, co-workers and the public. She had worked in restaurants, stores, and facilities in the past and enjoyed working at these locations because she was able to interact with people daily. Her greatest joy is to help the public. The type of person Joanna is and her dreams are the reason she, and others like her, can be part of short inspirational stories.

Motivational Video

Hope and Determination

Joanna and her Employment Specialist searched tirelessly to find a job that would allow her to work with the public. In their search Joanna interviewed at quite a few places and was turned down for one reason or another. Joanna understood that this happens to everyone and didn't become discouraged at any point during her job search. She showed great dedication and hope during her employment search despite all the reasons that existed to quit.

Courage Pays Off

Finally her dedication and patience paid off! Joanna turned in an application at the KFC/A&W in a nearby city. She and her Employment Specialist filled out an application and Joanna went in alone to turn it in. She did everything right. She talked to the manager and told them why she was there. During her conversation with the manager she was offered an interview. Joanna gladly accepted and excitedly told her Employment Specialist that she had an interview. The best part of this part of the story was Joanna's confidence in herself to go in alone and talk to the manager.

Practice Pays Off

She and her Specialist decided it would be a good idea to review interviewing skills before she had her interview. Marion did great in her interview and was offered a position and started soon after. She was extremely excited to start work and to be able to contribute to society again and also do what she loves to do: work with the public and help them in any way she can.

Joanna is able to work with people every time she works. She’s able to help fulfill one of the greatest needs in life: the need to eat food. She continues to learn and progress and is enjoying her work. All that she did is inspirational and merits to be shared as a short inspirational story. She overcame her disabilities and achieved one of her many dreams.


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