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Short Inspirational Stories: People with Disabilities Can Succeed

Updated on May 8, 2014

Short Inspirational Stories about a Person with Disabilities

During life we can be inspired by short inspirational stories. There are so many stories that can help us become better people. There are so many people out there that overcome so many obstacles in their lives to make things better for themselves and others.

During the last year I have worked with people that have diagnosed disabilities. Because of this line of work I have witnessed quite a few wonderful things that constitute many short inspirational stories. I have chosen to share a story today about a young man that, together, he and I were able to find a place for him to work.


Fred - Short Inspirational Stories

Fred is happily working at Sonic and from his experiences we can find many short inspirational stories. He has been working there since the beginning of July 2013. In the last 6 months Fred has learned a great deal about himself and has learned how to work hard because he successfully found a job. It wasn't easy for him to find a job because of his circumstances and what he deals with every day. His efforts, experiences, and success constitute one of many short inspirational stories that could be written about him.

Today I would like to share a short inspirational story about him and his success at finding employment at Sonic.

Do you know someone with a disability that has found a job against all odds?

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Short Inspirational Stories - Abilities

Some people learn quickly, some people are punctual, some people just do what they are supposed to do. Fred is that type of guy. He’s never late to work. He learned his job functions quickly and well. He also does what he is supposed to do at work and at home with his family. Did I mention that Fred has not one, but a few, diagnosed disabilities? He has had these struggles his whole life.

It is not easy for Fred to learn. It is not easy for Fred to interact with other people. It is not easy for Fred to work quickly. However, he makes consistent efforts to do all the above and his hard work has paid off.


Short Inspirational Stories - The Beginning

Fred started working with Vocational Rehabilitation in his area. He was then assigned to start working with his Employment Specialist at Rise. Fred started working with one Specialist and then got transferred to another Specialist’s caseload after some time to distribute work loads. It is not easy to get comfortable with one person and then have to switch and get comfortable with another person for a lot of people, but especially for Fred with the disabilities and barriers he had. It's even more difficult to adapt and change when the person you are working with is supposed to be helping you find a job and be successful. However, none of this fazed Fred. He took everything in stride and made the best out of his situation. He had a great goal. He wanted to contribute to society.


Short Inspirational Stories - Good Traits

Fred truly turned his situation into a good situation. He never lost hope and after he got his job he did his job the best he could. He didn’t wait around for someone to tell him what to do or how to do it. He got his instructions first thing in the morning and he was off to work. Fred received his instructions and then went and exactly what he was asked to do. He didn't ask questions, but went right to work. His employer commented to Fred's Employment Specialist that Fred never caused him any problems and he didn't feel the need to check up on him frequently because he knew he'd always be working and doing what he was assigned to do. These traits are ones that both his Employment Specialist and his employer both appreciated about Fred.

These situations and experiences were great to see and experience for me because I knew about Fred's barriers and he was overcoming them at his new place of work. It's amazing what a little hard work can do.

Short Inspirational Stories - Example

Fred is a good example to everyone he comes in contact with. If you let it happen, Fred can teach you life lessons that will help you get further in life than you thought possible. His dedication and determination makes you also want to accomplish your goals. This is the type of person Fred is. This is the example Fred sets both at home and at work.

His example is one that we can also adopt for ourselves. I hope that this short inspirational story will inspire you to do all you can to do to succeed as well. Remember that we all have our difficulties, but they can be overcome.


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    • Kolin Harrison profile image

      Kolin Harrison 3 years ago from Orem, Utah

      I had heard of and listened to quite a few of Nick's speeches/videos, but I had not heard of Jessica before. Thanks for the comment and I'm excited to read about Jessica's successes now as well. It is amazing what one can do if they set their minds to it.

    • GaneshkumarB profile image

      B Ganeshkumar 3 years ago from Mumbai

      Two stories that particularly come into my mind when talking about being differently challenged is that of Nick Vujicic and Jessica Cox.