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Short Inspirational Stories: Young Man with Disabilities Succeeds

Updated on May 8, 2014

Helping Other People

In my line of work I get to help other people succeed. Watching anyone succeed is great and even better if you help them get there. Their reactive is payment enough. Everyone is special and worth helping, but in my line of work I help a special group of people succeed. I help people that have diagnosed disabilities learn how to find employment, help them acquire employment, and then help them learn how to maintain employment after being hired. Needless to say, there are many short inspirational stories that I could share about quite a few of my clients. However, I have decided to share one, of many possible short inspirational stories, with you about a young man that I'll call Bill.

Short Inspirational Stories - Bill's Dreams

Bill is a young man that has high aspirations for his life. He is young, between 20-25 years old and has a variety of diagnosed disabilities that make it hard for him to complete some every day functions that I take for granted. However, his desire to work is just like my desire to work. He wanted to contribute to society and also wanted to be independent. He had been looking for work for quite a while when he started to work with a state program called Vocational Rehabilitation. Bill was assigned to work with RISE, one of the many vendors that the state works with in order to help people find jobs.


Short Inspirational Stories - The Vendor

RISE is an employment agency that helps people that have diagnosed disabilities and that are in need find jobs in order to help them reach their goals. The goal of all RISE employees is to help their clients be successful and happy wherever they work and also to help their client's employers to be happy with the work that is done by those they hire. It is a very unique, rewarding, and at times, difficult job to accomplish because you are working with so many parties. Since these goals were shared by both Bill and RISE the state decided that RISE would be right for Bill and he was assigned an Employment Specialists that Bill would work with till he found a job.

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Short Inspirational Stories - Job Applications

Bill and his group of Employment Specialists talked about what Bill would like to do for work. Bill was lucky because he was working with not one, but two Specialists that were determined to help him find employment. They discussed quite a few options and came up with a lengthy list of possible employment opportunities that Bill was interested in. Bill and his original Employment Specialist applied for quite a few jobs before Bill was assigned to work with a different Specialist. Bill and his new Specialist followed up on some of the places that Bill had applied for the previous week. As Bill and his Specialist followed up on applications things weren’t looking too good because they didn’t get any good news the day they were following up.

Short Inspirational Stories - Interviewing

A few days later Bill called both of his Specialists that were working with him and indicated he had some great news. He happily announced that he had interviewed at the Cinemark movie theater the day before and was offered a position that he happily accepted. This took his Specialists by surprise, but they were both elated that Bill was able to interview and land a job. Normally the Specialists work with their clients before an interview and help them feel comfortable. At times the Specialists also accompany their clients in the interviews and assist them if needed if the potential employer allows it. However, Bill did it all on his own and did very well in his interview because he was offered a position at the theater.

Never Give Up

Short Inspirational Stories - Independence

If getting a job isn't enough, Bill was able to move to a different city and is on his way to independence. He uses the bus system to get to work and is enjoying his job and the perks offered to him. Aside from having fun and being able to watch movies, Bill has been able to work hard and has progressed. He was nervous to begin with, but Bill made friends quickly and fits right in with his co-workers. Not long after Bill was hired, his Employment Specialist was told by one of his supervisors that Bill is doing very well and is on top of things. This was great to hear and says a lot about Bill's work ethic and how dedicated he is to doing a good job despite his disabilities.

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Inspirational short stories are great and this one illustrates that with hard work and dedication anything is possible. Bill has proven this as he has been working at his new job. He was able to reach his goals and move to a new city and become more independent.


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