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Path to Success: some tips on the path to success journey and how you can benefit

Updated on August 29, 2012
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Ben is scientist, teacher, researcher and author who loves to help you to be more, do more and achieve more. He is an Amazon kindle author

Path to Success: some tips on the path to success journey and how you can benefit
Path to Success: some tips on the path to success journey and how you can benefit

Six habits that leads to success

These two words: success and failure are exact opposites. You get one tin the pursuit of the other or they are the results you get in the absence of the other.

If you want to understand how these words impact our psychological wellbeing, look at the faces of two opponents after a game; sat, a football match. The winners - the successful side look very elated and the looses appear to be down cast. There is therefore a whole dimension of principles at work in the success game. There is a path to a success and a path to being a looser. No one wants to loose but someone has to loose. It's inevitable. Why is it that some people seem to have the success bug whereas others don;t. It has been said the success is a habit so also is failure. Simply, both are the results you get at the end of an outcome. On a personal level people may put of with it because their result is not in close scrutiny. But in a competitive environment where a high performance level is desirable. One has no excuse but to put up an excellent sport.

There are many definition of success, But I have found this very effective.

Success is the progressive realization of predetermined, worthwhile goals, stabilized with balance and purified by belief.

From this definition there are very important keywords that we need to examine. - goals, balance (control), and belief.

In this article I'll explore some of the principles you need to develop success habit. I don't know about you but I desire to be successful in all aspects of my life - Spiritual, Financial, Educational and Recreational. If you cultivate these habits and put them into use it will have tremendous impact on te outcome of the life you enjoy.

I'll first describe three principles that lead to success and then six habits that lead to success.

What you success depends on

Your success depends on:

  • The things you choose to focus on in life
  • The meaning or interpretation you put upon the information you receive
  • The action you take as a result of processing that information

From the forgoing, what you focus on, the decision and therefore the cations you take are key to achieving successful outcomes. However, the progress you make will depend on how you master these success habit that will be describes shortly.

Six success habit you need to learn to achieve more

In her book "Self Motivation" France Coombes describes six habit used by achievers use to pull up excellent [performance.

Practice outcome thinking - start with the end in mind

Can you describe the outcome you want to achieve in vivid steps. This is important because if you can do this you are nearer to your goal than you had imagined

Involve your senses - maximize your perception acuity

Your perception of information to the outcome you have. here you employ the power of your senses to to make sense of the new world you are creating. What you see, hear, feel, tast and touch are very important in this regard. Develop the ability to sharpen your sensory acuity to notice subtle changes, so that you can sense what is going on more acutely.

Practice flexible thinking - change your methods if what you are doing isn't working

Involve your senses as a feedback mechanism to access what is working and what is not. You need not loose sight or focus of the outcome you want, but you constantly check that your actions are leading you to the destination that you desire.

Understand yourself so that you can understood - build rapport with yourself and others

Learn to listen very well to your intuition and other faculties you need to make decision to achieve the outcome you desire. Build rapport with other players involves in the project and how to sense changes in them. master how to create a relationship of trust and cooperation.

Work from a position of power. - master principle of state management

You need to know how to manage your internal and external environments which has impact on your focus, physical, psychological and emotional states. Indeed your ability operate from a resourceful state. Putting these habits describes in 1 - 5 will help you to operate from a totally resourceful state. This is what is called state management. Do things that will empower you so that you become familiar with picturing yourself as a winner.

Take action and watch your progress

No matter how versatile and valuable your idea is; without action there is no success. it;s said that an idea is but a notion, unless and action happens. Taking intelligent action is the key to a very successful outcome.

Last time you achieved a successful outcome in any area of life, which of these habits did you use?


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