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The Need for Microsoft Office Skills in an Administration Career

Updated on December 11, 2016

MOS is a key skill for work

In the job market, when looking at the requirements of an administration position, we always come across with several skills that include excellent organisational skills, accuracy, attention to detail, outstanding communication skills and exceptional analytical thinking. There could be many other abilities that we could add to the set of skills necessary for carrying out an efficient administration role, but the one that is almost in every single one of the job descriptions is the IT skills. And by that, what they generally mean is proficiency in Microsoft Office.


The MOS areas

Microsoft Office packages have been created to be used in mostly all of the tasks you would need to undertake in an office. Important part of these daily administrative tasks involves issuing documentation, preparing presentations and emitting reports. And every single one of the Microsoft applications will allow you to produce the most efficient piece of information with the most impressive finish. Whether you need to mail merge in Word to significantly reduce the time of a repetitive task, produce accurate and stylish charts in Excel for a report or schedule your tasks and deadlines in your everyday agenda via Outlook, your literacy in Microsoft Office is extremely important for an efficient running of an office.

The Microsoft packages are so powerful that you could perform tasks such as building endless and well structured databases in Access, creating elegant slideshows in PowerPoint or even designing an informative and creative brochure in Publisher. In fact, Microsoft Office is such a powerful tool that it allows you to interact with some of its components at the same time. The Microsoft components can almost magically link to each other in order to produce the best outcome possible, so for example an email can show the best of Excel's pivots. It is almost like teamwork in the software world, the way Word, Excel, PowerPoint and the rest can collaborate among themselves. This feature is there to provide accuracy and efficiency creates a lot of potential for office workers. Therefore, in order to achieve success in your administration career, a good knowledge of these features and qualities of the Microsoft Office proves to be vital.

Usage of Microsoft

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Microsoft and its evolution through MOS

Microsoft Office has been for a couple of decades, perhaps even longer, the referent of word processing, spreadsheets and presentations in the everyday office roles. And it seems to remain firm in its position for the foreseeable future. This all means that to master every single one of its components, it is to master your role within the company.



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    • kevinfream profile image

      Kevin Fream 4 years ago from Tulsa, OK

      Probably the most important Office skill today is working with SharePoint. Also, understanding the new Power BI in Excel will be key.