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Microsoft Office Skills are most fundamental in a modern office

Updated on December 12, 2016

Naturally, Microsoft Office Skills are fundamental to you attaining the job that you want. Microsoft Office is one of the most far reaching IT packages. It touches pretty much any office, with its wide variety of programmes. It is becoming very difficult to find jobs in an office environment that do not require knowledge of at least one of these programs. However, it is not essential that you can use all of the programs; most likely you will need to focus on certain areas and just have a limited exposure to others parts. This is great for those of us who do not enjoy IT.

What is the best thing to do to gain the skills?

There are lots of great Microsoft Academies that can be found by searching Microsoft Office Academy on Google. They will show the Microsoft Academies that are available in your nearest city and country. The advantage of using these centres is that they are regulated by Microsoft and will provide programs that are recommended by Microsoft. This ensures that you will avoid being duped into buying substandard programs by any bogus IT schools. This does mean that there are not other good programs out there, but finding a Microsoft Academy will give you a certainty that they are getting good standard of training. Ensuring that other programs are meeting a standard will require research and that is something we cannot always spare time for. Finally, the last benefit that you gain from using a Microsoft Academy is accreditation; you will get a Microsoft verification of your knowledge which is widely recognised. Again, other accreditors may not have the same impact as something issued from a Microsoft Academy.

Even if you do have the necessary IT skills, it is not always easy to prove that you have proficiency. You can visit any Microsoft Academy to take any tests that are necessary to verify your proficiency. If you are successful, the Microsoft Academy will provide you with the necessary qualification, this is a great way of proving your proficiency to employers and it will help in attaining jobs. This does not require you signing up for any course; it is just a certification of your proficiency. Therefore, it does not cost much relative to what can be quite high course costs and it will not take up much of your time.


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