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The Benefits of Bookkeeping for your Career

Updated on December 12, 2016

The Importance of the role of bookkeeper

Bookkeeping is one of the most important roles within a company. Just as the CEO holds the chords that will presumably guide the organization through the path of success; the bookkeeper carefully records in black and white the financial trace that is being followed down that road, whilst being able to ensure that the entries made to the system are correct. This is because the financial information needs to ultimately show the management where the strategy needs rethinking.

The Training

Bookkeeping has always been an essential tool for success not only for the individual, but for the business as well. To keep records is an ability that can be developed and that requires impeccable knowledge of finance, excellent levels of organisation and outstanding attention to detail. But bookkeeping is not only about filling the books and creating financial reports, there is much more to it, plenty more. A good mixture of knowledge in accountancy and filing, IT skills and analytical thinking makes a bookkeeper a multitasking and unique employee by excellence. And these all round individuals are necessary within the daily running of the business.

Bookkeeping Careers

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Real work as a bookkeeper

Nowadays, it is widely regarded as a mistake, mainly made by few small companies, to leave aside the record and book keeping roles and to consider them as tasks to be performed only in extreme circumstances or as last minute resorts to extreme cases. But how can you find the numbers you need, if you just do not know their location or they are just not there? It could take weeks, months even, to track down the exact information and to lose this precious time in this ferocious market, it is to give an advantage to your competitors that you will almost surely end up regretting. In addition to that, to overlook the bookkeeping process, it is to disregard the strategy and planning processes, it is simply to ignore the goals you should have set at the very beginning. In the competitive and overcrowded market that we have today, any company simply cannot survive without knowing the actual figures required for success.

In summary, a bookkeeper holds a wide range of skills that set the role among the most demanding careers in the market, and therefore their importance within the business. It is accounting, it is organisation, it is responsibility and, with all certainty, it is essential. No wonder why the recognised companies are always in the search for candidates with excellent bookkeeping abilities.


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