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Los Angeles, California - Disney and 100,000 Other Jobs

Updated on June 14, 2015
(public domain)
(public domain)

Large City, Big Business

Los Angeles County in California is anchored for business as the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Glendale Metropolitan Division.At the end of 2014, over 177,000 job listings for active for the area.

The leading industry in this local economy is Tourism and Travel, with all of the adjunct sectors - Accommodations, Retail, Dining in all levels and kinds of establishments (including taverns and clubs), Sports, Entertainment, and Media. Nearly all industries have a foothold in LA.

Some Background

Southern California was settled originally by Indigenous Peoples that included the Chumash and Tongva Nations, all with very interesting cultures. Around 1540, Portuguese explorers traveled through the area, claimed it for the kingdom of Spain and Portugal, but did not stay.

Over 200 years later, Spanish nationals explored the LA area again, making a settlement with Catholic worship facilities and gathering local Mestizos (Mexican, Spanish, and Native American mixed heritages) into a town that was founded as Los Angeles in 1781.

The town was finally incorporated in 1850, just before California became a state. Spanish, Mexican, and Indigenous cultures still enrich the landscape and flavors of Los Angeles life in profound ways to make it a fascinating area.

In the mid-2010s, Los Angeles is home to over 4,000,000 people and is the second largest city in America, behind only New York City.

LA is known as a Mega City across the globe, famous for films, fashion, media stars, and gossip. However, the city is also a business center for domestic and international trade, science, technologies, and high quality education. In fact, it is one of the few places in America where Archaeology and Anthropology Teachers are needed. Aerospace Sciences are also advancing here.

LA On the Map

Los Angeles:
Los Angeles, CA, USA

get directions

Largest Employers

Except for Walt Disney Company, filmmakers in general are not on the list of Los Angeles Top Employers. This is true even though there may be 2,000+ film studios in the county at any given time.

The largest employers, by size of employee pool, largest to smallest are:

  • Walt Disney Company, Burbank
  • Los Angeles County Government
  • Los Angeles Unified School District - pre-K through 12
  • US Federal Government
  • UCLA - University of California, Los Angeles
  • Los Angeles City Government
  • State of California Government
  • Kaiser Permanente - Medical and Health
  • Northrop Grumman Corp. - NASA Commercial Crew
  • Boeing Co. - NASA Commercial Crew
  • Kroger Company - Home and grocery stores
  • University of Southern California (USC)
  • Bank of America - Financial services

Combined, the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach comprise a large, important Port Authority that is instrumental in shipping and commerce worldwide. This port is also a major employer.

The Port of Los Angeles was discovered in the early 1540s by the Portuguese, who named it Bay of Smokes, because of the smoke rising from the fires of Native American Hunters nearby. It became a trading post locale and was made an office city Harbor in 1907, growing significantly during World War II. In the 21st century, it is the largest, busiest port in the United States!

Locating a Job Quickly

The best way to find a job in Los Angeles may be to try for one in the categories of fastest-growing by either number of jobs each year or by percentage increase. These jobs Include Computer/IT jobs (especially Network positions at the top of the first column below), Makeup Artists, Sales of any kind, Personal Care or Personal Assistant, or Teaching (if you are certified).

Food & Beverage jobs are abundant, while all the rest of the positions listed below require advanced training and/or certification, with a few not paying high wages. The cost of living in Los Angeles is higher than in other states and will require a relatively higher income in comparison. Travel Nursing and related positions, even if you live right in LA, also offer payment of rent or mortgage for up to 12 months.

Lower level healthcare positions are often found at clinics and hospitals that offer good benefits and tuition reimbursement for employees that wish to progress in the medical and health and/or allied health professions. This is a good avenue for finding work more quickly than in some other positions and then advancing through continuing education on the job or at a local school.

Acting Is Everything: An Actor's Guidebook for a Successful Career in Los Angeles
Acting Is Everything: An Actor's Guidebook for a Successful Career in Los Angeles
This jaw-dropping book has so many resources that readers have called it "better than the yellow pages." If you really want to get into acting, this may be the book for you. 644 pages of resources and stories, 4.5 stars out of 5 stars as a rating on Amazon.

Top 10 High Growth Jobs by No. of Openings thru 2016

  1. Wholesale and Retail Sales related jobs, especially Retail Sales Persons
  2. Education, Training & Library jobs
  3. Personal Care/Service and Personal Adies - health and business related.
  4. Office & Administrative Support
  5. Other Personal Care and Service Workers
  6. Healthcare Practitioners and Techs
  7. All Food & Beverage Preparation and Service jobs
  8. Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media
  9. Business and Financial Operations
  10. Medical and Health Practitioners - includes cosmetic and plastic surgeons and skin care specialists as well as Nurses: RNs and LPNs. Southern California is the perfect place for Travelers in the medical field - Travel Nurses and others.

Top 10 Fastest Growing Jobs, by Percentage Increase

  1. Network Systems & Data Communications Analysts (IT) - can earn $25 - ~$40/hour
  2. Makeup Artists for performers - may earn $9 - $25/hr plus tips.
  3. Skin Care Specialists, including medical and plastic surgery-related
  4. Veterinary Techs - usually $11 - $18/hour
  5. Dental Assistants and Medical Assistants - $12 - $18+/hour
  6. Veterinarians - average about $53/hour
  7. College Anthropology and Archaeology Teachers - can earn $30-$40/hour.
  8. Pharmacy Technicians - average $14 - $18/hour
  9. Manicurists & Pedicurists - average $9 - $12/hour
  10. Physical Therapy Assistants - average about $28/hour

Green Industry in LA

LA is a leading LEED city in America, with certified buildings in all industries, certified green homes, a green transit system, and at least one green entertainment business.

LA uses solar power for public energy and recycling over 800 pounds of food from restaurants and grocers monthly. in 2006, LA County named "America's Birdiest County" by the San Diego Audubon Society. Los Angeles is also home to the Green West Expo/Conference, the first tradeshow of all possible green products and services to date.

Employment Opportunities

You may decide to relocate to California fro elsewhere in the world or country, or to move to LA from elsewhere in the state. If so, it is a good idea to arrange for interviews and even to have a job secured in LA before going to the time and expense of uprooting yourself to his Mega-opolis.

The following sources offer considerable job listings.

  • The Los Angeles Recruiter
  • City of Los Angeles Government Employment
  • Simply Hired, the job search and labor information site, declares that they see the most common jobs found in LA to be management positions, professional, sales, office support, and service jobs.

Redondo Pier

(dynamix on
(dynamix on

During May - June 2015, the Los Angeles Area had listed approximately 100,000 job openings on any particular day.

High Demand Job Openings Usually Found in LA

  1. Licensed Vocational Nurses or LVNs
  2. CDL Truck Drivers
  3. Dentists and Dental Assistants, Orthodontics Assistants
  4. Software Engineers
  5. Physical Therapists and Assistants
  6. IT Project Managers
  7. Restaurant Managers and Staff
  8. Occupational Therapists and Assistants
  9. Office Managers and Administrative & Executive Assistants
  10. Shift Supervisors in various fields, including coffee shops
  11. RNs - Registered Nurses, especially Travel Nurses
  12. Salespeople
  13. Managers and Assistant Store Managers
  14. Outside and Inside Sales Representatives
  15. Account Executives

Acting Jobs in LA

Higher Education Excellence

Los Angeles offers dozens of technical and vocational schools, community colleges, 4-year colleges and universities, and professional schools. The website called lists them all.

The site offers describes of schools in neatly arranged categories, with course offerings, placement rates, and internships available, which are numerous. In fact, Walt Disney Company, mentioned above, offers a wide range of internships in partnership with educational facilities.

A few of the higher education choices for the LA area include the following Public Schools:

  • University of California, LA (UCLA)
  • California State University, LA
  • Los Angeles City College
  • West Coast University - offers an array of nursing degrees in LA, Anaheim, and Ontario, California.

Private Schools include Loyola Marymount University, Occidental College, Pepperdine University, University of Southern California, and others.

Native American College in Los Angeles, the state's only Tribal college, closed in 2005, but many of the other schools offer Native American Studies and some are home to ongoing in-depth studies of the surrounding Indigenous Peoples in California, the Southwest US, and Mexico. The graphic at right shows many of the language groups that already have been discovered and studied.

Sports and Recreation

The city is huge, and so are the opportunities for spectator sports, recreational sports & activities, and even jobs related to these industries that associate themselves with Travel and Tourism.

Pro Sports Teams



© 2008 Patty Inglish MS


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    • thecnatraining profile image


      9 years ago from Vancouver

      LA is awsome! I think medical and health industry will always thrive! In LA where every wants to look good and fit.

    • Nan Mynatt profile image

      Nan Mynatt 

      10 years ago from Illinois

      Patty I move to LA a long time ago and found 3 management position with 3 weeks. Yes, I hustled a lot and interviewed for the jobs. LA is very competetive and you need to be able to look smart, and act smart and be smart, or you will succeed. Great article. I moved back home after 4 years.

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      because its my job only......

    • Chris Crow profile image

      Chris Crow 

      12 years ago

      thanks for this list.

    • profile image


      12 years ago

      hi iam pratheepa Mped.,mphil., phd.,IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION .my before posting is nit job aquatics ,athletics and games directress

    • Patty Inglish, MS profile imageAUTHOR

      Patty Inglish MS 

      12 years ago from USA and Asgardia, the First Space Nation

      Steve, thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. I'll look into writing about business start ups.


    • profile image

      Steve Little 

      12 years ago

      Patty - Incredibly detailed and informative-thank you. As an entrepreneur and coach to small business owners I would love to have seen a section dedicated to business start ups. Thanks again for a wonderful hub. Steve.

    • Patty Inglish, MS profile imageAUTHOR

      Patty Inglish MS 

      12 years ago from USA and Asgardia, the First Space Nation

      Thanks! -- If folks have a good plan or at least some friends in LA, it makes the relocation easier, I think.

    • Netters profile image


      12 years ago from Land of Enchantment - NM

      Thank you for another informative, educational hub!


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