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Updated on December 4, 2011



The United States Marine Corp

The marine corp has been on the battlefield and fighting in every significant battle since 1775. They are brothers who are bounded together as a cohesive unit in a fraternity of a life time. They are well trained and deploy able from ship to land within six hours of any major conflict throughout the world. To become a Marine is to transform yourself for life. Once you have become a marine you will be a marine for life and that discipline, character and skill will carry you through your advanced education, corporate world and your life. But you have to have what it takes to be a Marine. You have to be driven and have that single focus to be in this exceptional branch of service.

Could you be the few, the proud and a marine?


Resolve of the Marine

Are you in High School and Wondering What to Do With Your Life?

I know you have told recruiters are bad people but trust me no one wants you in the military if you aren't willing to accept the responsibilities, have the aptitude and are physically fit you can jump start your life with a career that will provide you with the discipline, strength and perseverance to be successful in every aspect of your life.


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