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Changing Jobs or Moving Within Your Company?

Updated on December 12, 2016

The problem of being bored in your job or career and how to overcome this issue

After a few years in a set job, it is easy to get bored and need a new challenge. This applies to a wide range of careers. Human Nature encourages us to always seeks a change to routine or to further our position. However, what are your options when you become bored with your work and how can you regain the challenge in your work?

I Could Choose To Change Jobs?

The most obvious route is to go out and look for another job and it is often very suitable for some people and situations.

When the economy is strong and there are plenty of jobs on the job market it is a great option and can pay a great amount more salary to those who go out and look for a better job. When you change jobs you can often try to make a move up and get a job promotion or slightly different job. Furthermore, it is reasonable to expect a salary increase, more seniority and responsibilities. Changing companies is a challenge in itself, as you have to re-establish yourself within your new organisation.

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Issues with Changing Jobs

However, you may struggle to move jobs with ease, when the economy is in recession. It could be dangerous to give up a job where you stand to gain redundancy pay off for a new company. Often in a recession there are many lay offs and it is often the case that the first people to lose their jobs are recent starters. If you are a recent starter you have very little redundancy. Furthermore, you may also just find the grass is greener on the other side, so when you are accustomed to the new job it becomes boring as well.


Secondments and transferring internally

There are always other options; one is to search for a new job internally. Of course, this depends on what type of company you work at. The company will need the size and scope to meet your requirements and also the culture to allow employees to move around. This is not going to be an option that is open to every company or every member of staff. However, if you can transfer, you should see what you can get out of the avenue.

How To Go About Getting a Transfer

You should assess the likely reaction of your boss and also review any internal posts. The best action can also be to try to network with other boss' and departments. Some companies even other their PAs and Secretaries, the opportunity to do sort secondments in other offices around the world.


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