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Williamsburg, Virginia Attractions and Jobs

Updated on December 13, 2015
At the college of William and Mary circa 1902 (Photos this page public domain).
At the college of William and Mary circa 1902 (Photos this page public domain). | Source

Economic Health With an Enterprise Zone for New Jobs

Williamsburg covers much of the southeastern portion of James City County in Virginia.

This section of the county has been designated an official Enterprise Zone [EZ] for new business and new jobs through 2016, providing new opportunities employment in the area through intensive recruitment and tax incentives.

The status of an EZ means that the state and county offer incentives to businesses to locate within the EZ and then to offer jobs, products, and services to boost the local economy. It is an overall incentive to build business in the area, to provide more jobs for people, to upgrade the community and attract new residents.

The types of EZ incentives used take the form of reduced taxes and water/sewer costs, and in some areas, tax breaks and considerations. The jobs that are particularly encouraged by employer incentives in the Williamsburg area EZ are sustainable energy or green collar jobs.

Jobs with the James City County government are located at his link: James City County Jobs.

James City County Enterprise Zone

A markerJames City County, Virginia -
James City County, VA, USA
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Williamsburg, Virginia

A markerWilliamsburg -
Williamsburg, VA, USA
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Largest Employers in Greater Williamsburg

The largest employers headquartered in the City of Williamsburg include the following successful endeavors:

The city is home to a number of fast growing jobs at these and other employers. Additional job growth is healthy in nearby James City County and York County, both considered part of the official Greater Williamsburg Area. Additional large employers include

  • York County Schools
  • Eastern State Hospital
  • James City County Government

Fastest Growing Jobs

Williamsburg joins Yorktown and Jamestown as the top point in a three-city triangle known as the Historic Triangle in Virginia. All three cities are within a close distance and have been important to American History since before the Revolutionary War.

Other points of interest near Williamsburg include Richmond, Virginia; Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson, and Mt. Vernon, the home of George Washington.

Since the latter 20th century, many improvements and developments have been made in and around the Historic Triangle and the other historic cities in this region of Virginia. Well maintained buildings on the National Register of Historic Places attract visitors, as do the well trained living history actors in these stations. Anyone having visited Colonial Williamsburg only in the early 1970s would not recognize the sophisticated complex in the 2010s.

Hospitality and Tourism are certainly a mainstay of business and local economy, and are joined by economic growth in human and animal Healthcare professions, Insurance and Financial Products, Information Technology, and Environmental occupations, especially in the EZ mentioned above.

Top 10 Fastest-Growing Jobs in the Williamsburg Area

  1. Management Positions in all types of business
  2. Business and Financial Operations Salespeople and Managers
  3. Network Systems and Data Communications Analysts
  4. Veterinarians and Techs
  5. Phsycians, RNs, LPNs and Physician, Medical, and Dental Assistants
  6. Biomedical Engineers
  7. Insurance Sales Agents & Insurance Underwriters
  8. Computer Software Systems Engineers,
  9. Database Administrators; Network & Computer Systems Administrators
  10. Environmental Protection Engineers & Technicians

Bruton Parish Church
Bruton Parish Church | Source

Banking and Insurance

Williamsburg Banks

Recreational Sports

Tourism Jobs Have Increased for 50 Years

Williamsburg as a park once contained only a lonely street with a few guides in the early 1960s
Williamsburg as a park once contained only a lonely street with a few guides in the early 1960s | Source

Working in Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg Foundation Career Opportunities

The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation employment department offers a range of job titles and a menu of employee benefits that includes a retirement plan, a 2-year college degree, on-site child care, a substantial health and medical plan, and several other conveniences.

Some of the positions within Colonial Williamsburg include chefs, accountants, history guides, golf professionals, Information Technology jobs, managers, and others.

Applications are accepted online. Jobs include everything from living history narrators, volunteers, culinary careers, women in the trades, to nearly anything imaginable that occurred in old Colonial Williamsburg.

Scenes From Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg History

Colonial Williamsburg: The Official Guide
Colonial Williamsburg: The Official Guide

Use this guide to show you how Williamsburg has improved since 1960 and don't miss a thing!


Jamestown VA 350th & 400th Anniversaries

© 2008 Patty Inglish


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