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Why is retail falling apart?

There's no way around it- retail is one of the most disrespected professions we have today. I have worked for good and bad companies and I have always found that the best business is honest business. My policy was always treat everyone you can like family and not like a sale and they will return-regardless to cost of product. I have always been successful with that. It baffles me to see such aggresive sales people when all they have to do is genuinely care. I can't count how many customers I have told to come in whether they can shop or not because we care to see them- with or without their $


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Nichol marie (chuckandus6) says

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2 years ago
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    drseuss 2 years ago

    Haha! I walked into a Walmart yesterday where the paid greeter didn't even greet me! You become a number and the human aspect of customer service is removed when the company is only looking to make money

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