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Stanley Bostitch Electric Automatic Stapler Review - Great Staplers

Updated on January 16, 2011


I used the Stanley Bostitch desktop stapler 02210 every day.  As of the date this article was written (November 2010), I have had the Stapler a couple of years now and I acquired it used as a gift from a friend who was using it at work before making a career change.  This stapler has been in use a long time. An excellent amount of time to right a good review on a great stapler.

The Look

The Stanely Bostitch 02210 electric stapler has one one of the best, universal, professional looks to it.  Its looks great in an executive office setting, but also its black design makes it fitting in a more industrial or workman setting (such as a shipping or receiving office, etc)

Its size, about 2" wide by approximately 7" long allows it to be tucked out of the way on any desk surface.

Stapling Capacity

The Stanley Bostitch 02210 electric stapler has a 20 page stapling capacity.  I have successfully stapled 26 and 28 page reports with no jamming or strain on the stapler.  I attempted 31 pages and it stapled through fine but I could hear the stapler strain a bit.  That said, the Bostitch 02210 definitely functions above and beyond capability of 20 pages.

You can staple multiple packs of documents rapidly (one after the other by hand) without jamming or 'confusing' the mechanism.


The stapler is completely quiet when sitting plugged in on the desk top. Not constant hum or noise.  When stapling documents it definitely makes some noise but not an offensive amount. That said, if I had it my way, I'd prefer a completely silent or 'whisper' style electric stapler.  If you are looking for something that no noise when stapling I'd suggest looking elsewhere at a more expensive product ...if they are out there. Otherwise, the Stanley Bostitch 02210 is audible.

Reloading Staples

If I had one complaint on the Stanley Bostitch 02210 electric stapler it would be the loading of new staples. It is a small complaint and maybe it is normal for electric staplers. Feel free to comment below if this happens on other models you are familiar with. To open the 02210 staple compartment you hit a gray button on top of the stapler. When you do this, the staple compartment ejects out vertically toward you. I always expect the compartment to eject out completely, but it only pops open about an inch or so. In order for me to fit the full rack of standard staples, I have to pull the compartment the rest of the way out by hand.

Again, maybe this is normal, but I'd prefer it to fire out all the way. Still, this is easier than a normal manual stapler to open and far easier than some of the older,heavy duty staplers that require you to 'plunge' the staples into the machine.


The exterior material is plastic with a red LED refill indication. Portion that holds staples is metal

Staples up to 20 sheets of paper but I've done more.

There is no built in staple remover, staple pressure adjustment or throat depth adjustment featured on this stapler

To Sum Up

Considering the amount of time I've been using this stapler, the Stanley Bostitch 02210 electric stapler is one of the best staplers around.  I enjoy its quality and how simple it is to use.  The Stanley Bostitch 02210 is great as it requires no maintenance, staples quickly and powerfully, is small in size and looks really good.

The overall performance of the Stanley Bostitch 02210 is excellent. My only complaint is that the staple tray does not eject all the way out, but it is still easier to use than other stapler options.

This stapler is NOT for someone who wants to spend more money for the extras.  If you want a built in staple remover, staple pressure adjustment or throat depth adjustment, it is not featured on this stapler. This stapler is for someone who wants to keep it basic and reliable.


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    • TurtleDog profile image

      TurtleDog 7 years ago

      Thanks Jeff! I use the darn thing so much I had to do an article on it. One of those reliable office tools I just take for granted yet beat on all day! Thanks again

    • profile image

      Jeff_McRitchie 7 years ago

      I enjoyed reading this review. I'm glad Bostitch makes such great electric staplers. I'll have to give the 02210 a try sometime.