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Developing Good Leadership Skills

Updated on May 20, 2011

Developing Good Leadership Skills

Developing good leadership skills takes time. Are you wanting to develop as a leader overall? How do you develop those skills that your team will respect? Although developing good leadership skills takes time, it should be the pursuit of everyone in a leadership role whether volunteer or professional, whether you have one team member or one thousand. Good leadership skills are an asset to any company. So how do you develop into the type of person that can get a job accomplished as well as earn the respect and admiration of your team? Well, I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “leaders are readers.” As corny as it sounds, it is true. Read, read, read. There is no shortage of books written on the subject of leadership. I’m sure that almost everything on the topic has been covered and recovered then covered again. But then again enough can never be written on the topic. Why? Because leadership involves people. And the people factor can almost never be factored in (ironic isn't it). Just when you think you’ve seen it all and/or heard it all, someone on your team will figure out a way to surprise you. Overall though, keep in mind John Adair and his model for good leadership "Task, Team, Individual." This is just one of the models that are out there to adopt. Next in line, find a mentor. Good leaders love to take on a protégé so make someone happy, stroke their ego and ask them to mentor you in the area of leadership. Make sure you are seeking out someone with reputable skills. I mean after all, the blind cant lead blind.

Developing Good Leadership Skills

photo courtesy of Google Images
photo courtesy of Google Images

Developing Good Leadership Skills

To be a good leader you need to develop in the area of honesty. A “people pleaser” doesn’t usually make a really great leader. You have to have courage to lead people to a goal. Some people will go willingly, some have to be encouraged a little more than others and some will down right not want to go. When that happens you have to be able to deal with it. That takes courage. In the honesty department, when you have someone, not cutting the mustard, not performing to the degree that you need them to, you cant avoid a situation like that. You have to go to them and let them know “honestly” what they need to work on. A not so great leader may feel obligated to keep someone on whose not performing for different reasons, and that most always is not beneficial for the task at hand. A good leader also needs to develop in the area of communication. You have to be able to get an idea across clearly whether in writing or verbally. You have to be able to give clear concise directions that can actually be carried out. To become a great leader, you may have to work on your self image. You can’t be threatened by an underling who may be better at a certain skill than you. That will surely cause you to be distracted and lose focus of what should be doing. therein, the task suffers. Developing good leadership skills is actually an exciting journey to be on and one that cannot be covered fully in one article. This article however, gives you a good starting point. Some of the major points are covered here and should really give you a target to aim for.


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    • chukseasy profile image


      7 years ago

      wow my skills just have to improve. you are just wise. keep it up

    • Lynn Nodima profile image

      Lynn Nodima 

      8 years ago from United States

      Good hub! We need more good leadership in the world today.


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