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Constant Feeling of Uneasiness

Updated on August 29, 2010

Constant Feeling of Uneasiness

Have you ever felt uneasy about someone or something but couldn’t quite put your hand on why? Do you have a CONSTANT feeling of uneasiness? One thing to consider first is that having a feeling of uneasiness is a healthy thing. It’s an instinct put there to help us to discern between what’s good for us and what is bad. It’s there to kind of give us a heads up on whether or not we are in a good situation or bad situation or talking with a person who has good intentions or a person who has bad intentions. It’s a part of that whole fight or flight instinct that is inherent within all of us. There are some people though, and you may be one of them, who have this feeling all of the time or at least more often than most people. Now some might make the argument that you have a "super power" of a sort. That you have this kind of sixth sense that makes you superhuman in a, if you will, a Clark Kent kind of way. When in fact it’s more along the lines of the following reasons, one being self consciousness. When we are more conscious of ourselves than those around us or than what is happening around us, it can cause us to be in a position where we suddenly feel uneasy in everyday situations. What happens is that we can get wrapped up in our own thoughts that we begin to think that others are thinking the same things about us and this leads to constantly feeling uneasy when we’re talking to others. This can also stem from low-self esteem or no self-esteem. The truth is not everyone has bad intentions, not all of our situations are bad so this constant feeling of uneasiness has to be coming from another source; like fear. This is another cause of always feeling uneasy about something. What’s more is that fears can develop overtime and what you never felt uneasy about before begins to make you feel that way one day. It is important in this case to recognize and/or identify the source of your fear. For instance, I know someone who jokingly begin to say that they were afraid of birds because they were allowed to watch the Alfred Hitchcock film The Birds as a kid. Well what started out as a joke, ended up being real after about a year. Once this fear set in full throttle, this person began to feel uneasy about being outside when big birds would fly over. Now the girl I’m talking about was in her early thirties when this all of this happened, she’d never been afraid to go outside before, she’d never been “uneasy” when birds would fly over but all of a sudden, she would not even want to go out for her daily run (she was a runner). This is just an example of how feeling uneasy about something could actually be unwarranted. So a feeling that was placed in us to be helpful can become kind of null and void if the wrong thoughts are fed.

Constant Feeling of Uneasiness

photo courtesy of Google Images
photo courtesy of Google Images

Constant Feeling of Uneasiness


Another reason of a constant nagging feeling of uneasiness cold be a moral conflict. You actually really could be in a bad situation with ill-willed people. In this case, acknowledge it and get out of it. What happens here is your conscience is trying to talk to you, you’re ignoring it and it gets louder and louder until one day, you don’t hear it anymore. Well just because you don’t hear it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Before you know it, you are in a totally unrelated situation and you have this nagging constant feeling of uneasiness all because you failed to deal with a situation that you probably should have dealt with before. Dealing with this type of feeling can be tricky because it generally involves a little bit or maybe a lot of “soul-searching.” You generally have to look back into your distant or recent past to uncover a source of unresolved conflict or fear. However, you absolutely can deal with this constant feeling of uneasiness and move on with your life with just a little bit of tenacity to rid yourself of issues that contribute to this feeling.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I appreciate your message and it helped me identify my uneasy feeling. Sadly i am still feeling it and want it to go away. See i just started this new job and im so nervous because i really don't want to loose it. I am so happy here.

    • profile image

      Unknown teenager girl 

      6 years ago

      I feel uneasy whenever I go outside my home, I just feel heavy, tired and uneasy at home I feel fine. I just want to find a way I an feel okay outside my house and enjoy life, be like every other teenager. I searched this in many websites, asked friends and such and no answers. Am I the only one?

    • praveen000 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Good Old USA

      Thanks lxxy--yeah, forgive my run-on style. LOL

    • lxxy profile image


      8 years ago from Beneath, Between, Beyond

      I liked this a lot. I can't spot any issues here, other than I feel it might be easier on the reader if you break the text up into smaller chunks.

      But otherwise--nice job!


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