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Buy American Girl Dolls

Updated on April 21, 2010
American girl dolls
American girl dolls

If you are looking for a gift for a girl between the ages of eight and twelve, look no further. An American Girl doll will delight her to no end. These dolls are crafted with great care and quality. Their posable bodies move with ease and their hair is soft and combable. This doll would make an extra special Christmas or birthday gift.

The wide array of clothes and accessories that are made for these dolls provide hours of endless play. There is always something to be added for further gift ideas in the future.

You can buy these dolls on-line, usually at a discounted price, but you will still want to visit a retail store sometime just for the experience. Taking your daughter and her doll to a store in either Chicago or New York is a real treat. You can shop for all the clothes and accessories you could ever hope for. There is even a restaurant where you can take the dolls along too. They have special seating at the table just right for the doll! It is such a fun outing and something you will never forget.

Watch the adorable video below to see just how much fun girls have with these dolls. The video showcases the many different outfits available.  After clicking on the play arrow, you will need to click on "watch on youtube" and the video will show up. 


Video by stephenswodadancer

Buy Samantha American Girl Doll

Each American doll is unique and Samantha is a smart Victorian orphan who is being raised by her wealthy grandmother. The time period of Samantha's life is the beginning of the 1900's. In fact, the first book, introducing her, starts out in 1904.

All of the clothes and accessories are reminiscent to that time period. Not only do girls have fun playing with the beautiful dolls and clothes, but they also get a valuable lesson in history.

Dress Samantha in the beautiful Christmas dress and holiday coat for a festive winter celebration. This would be an extra special gift at Christmas.

Buy Addy American Girl Doll

It would be fun to match up a girls personality with the personality of the doll's character. Addy is a proud, courageous girl, determined to be free in the midst of the Civil War. The time period for her clothing and accessories of course corresponds with the Civil War. She is introduced in the first book in 1864.

Notice the McCalls pattern for sale for making american doll clothes. I can tell you that when both of my daughters had American girl dolls, I did some sewing to supplement their clothing supply. Buying an outfit or two as gifts is nice and special but it can be expensive on an ongoing basis. Sewing some clothes is actually alot of fun and very inexpensive to do.

The two additional dresses would supplement Addy's wardrobe well, one for work and one for going out.

Buy Kirsten American Girl Doll

 Kirsten reminds me of Little House On The Prairie.  She is a pioneer girl of strength and spirit who settles on the frontier.  Coming from Sweden and settling in Minnesota, everything seems strange and different.  She is first introduced in 1854.

The mini dolls would also be a nice doll for girls to collect.  The smaller size makes them a cute little collectors item.

Accessories for the different scenes in the books are very true to form.  Alot of care was taken in making this little replicas.  Your daughter will really get a good idea of how other girls lived in their time periods by playing with the accessories.

Buy Josefina American Girl Doll

Josephina is an Hispanic girl whose heart and hopes are as big as the New Mexico sky. She and her sisters are struggling after the death of her mother. They live in a ranch near Sana Fe, New Mexico in 1824.

All of the Mexican dress and culture is seen in the accessories and clothes.  From the typical weaving outfit to the primitive style school supplies, girls get an education in history and culture while playing.

The activity book is another American Girl item that will provide lots of fun and entertainment with the paper doll punch outs that come with the dolls, clothes and various scenes for a variety of playing scenarios.


Buy Felicity American Girl Doll

 Felicity goes all the way back to 1774, just before the Revolutionary War.  She is a spunky, spirited colonial girl, full of energy and independence - not the type to sit down and practice stichery!  Her stories will most certainly be fill with suspense and danger.

Girls who may not be real girlie girl might relate well to this doll.  This is what I like about the American Girl dolls.  Almost every girl has a desire to play with some kind of doll but the traditional doll just won't do for some.  Finding a doll that is relatable to your daughter, makes the gift extra special.

Buy Molly American Girl Doll

The setting for Molly's stories all gear around World War Two. Molly's life is turned upside down with her father off fighting in the war and her mother working for the Red Cross. This is another important lesson in history at a serious and practical time in America.

All of the outfits for the dolls are so unique and fun. The aviator outfit is something you definitely wouldn't find with an ordinary doll.

Most girls go to camp themselves at some time or another so the camp outfit can be especially fun to own.  It might even be a nice gift for a girl and her doll going off to camp!


Buy Kit American Girl Doll

 A very important lesson can be learned from reading about the life of Kit Kittredge.  Kit grew up during the Depression.  She is a unique nine year old who has a nose for the news.  Kit writes her own newspaper stories! 

If you have a daughter who is interested in writing, Kit would be the doll for her.  Alot can be learned from following along the lives of the different girls.  Most certainly girls will find out that many of the American Girls feelings, ideas and dreams are very similar to their own.


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