Youth in Third World Nations---Future?

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  1. pramodgokhale profile image40
    pramodgokhaleposted 11 years ago

    I am an Indian, represents third world, born and brought in democratic system still normally functioning, but as a skilled blue collar, struggled to come up but overall picture in India under Globalized system seems to  be bleak.
    Third world is again divided in Democratic and undemocratic countries and regimes so youth instead learning skills , are being utilized for political games .The technologies in the developed countries are advancing and it is difficult to cope with them.
    New skills and mass mobilization should be taken on war footing scale so no one will  be left without skills.there is again difference in skills like Low skills, High Skills, counselling is very necessary to
    guide youth and select particular job related skill.
    Without skilled work force no developing nations  can stand against onslaught of developed nations and flood of new technologies.The nations can cooperate in this field by shading their political differences.Just copying of technology of others will be jolt to self reliance

  2. profile image73
    grumpiornotposted 11 years ago

    I am fascinated by your views. The strength of industrialising economies lies in the workforce and its attitude towards employment.

    My understanding of matters is that your skills combined with your attitude will secure your employment in an economy like India's. I write from South Africa and skilled workers are a highly valued resource. The difficulty here lies in a negative attitude towards self-improvement and hard work - not in an over supply of young workers threatened by technology. Workers feel that blue-collar work is not suitable for them - everybody wants to be management and nobody wants to be a worker. A culture of entitlement, rather than a culture of hard work, is the biggest local problem.

    Regardless of technology and your apparent dislike for "developed" countries, there will be a need for blue-collar workers for the foreseeable future. Somebody needs to get their hands dirty, do the plumbing and electrical work; build new houses and roads; drive public transport vehicles and so on.

    On-the-job training and apprenticeships have a huge role to play - coupled with a healthy respect for all the work that cannot be done by white collar workers. It is not the queen who builds the hive or makes the honey - it is the workers.

    Finally, political differences are a reality humanity will never escape - much like you and I can agree to disagree on this forum. Respectfully, sharing of technology and a skilled workforce is not a corollary of success. Hard work is.

  3. pramodgokhale profile image40
    pramodgokhaleposted 11 years ago

    Thank you Sir.
    you endorsed my views ,India as it is said would be super power but what about grass root people.
    India agro based economy still so we can not ignore agriculture and large employment potential there.
    India is divided again in Urban and Rural so it is big exercise.
    we continue to interact and discuss.(forum today--Eu energy surplus zone) read if possible

  4. profile image73
    grumpiornotposted 11 years ago

    After your post, I happened to read this article today: … few-takers

    Kind regards


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