The Socioeconomic Quadmire

  1. gmwilliams profile image85
    gmwilliamsposted 4 years ago

    In the United States, the middle class as we know it is metamorphosing. Many people who were once middle and upper middle class are becoming disenfranchised due to being downsized and the outsourcing of jobs.  This disenfranchisement is becoming prevalent to those in the helping and human services professions.  In this profit conscious society, many jobs in the human services are being either downsized and/or phased out because these jobs do not create a measurable profit.   

    More and more middle class people are becoming impoverished and homeless due to  astronomical raising housing costs.  If one wants a decent house and/or apartment, he/she must be a millionaire or near millionaire.   Middle class persons in the technical, scientific, and mathematical fields are doing well as expected.   Many such people are becoming upper middle class and/or more affluent.   Of course, those middle class who are blue collar workers have seen their jobs being phased out since the 1970s.    The middle class is bottoming out so to speak. 

    The only people who are not adversely affect by this current socioeconomic climate and in fact, are thriving are the upper middle and wealthy classes, especially those in the technical, scientific, and medical professions.  This equally applies to those who own their businesses and/or have developed a profitable brand name.  They are becoming wealthier. 

    This is the world of future shock economics.   This is an ever changing society.   It will be the survival of the most technically educated, savvy,  adaptable. and intelligent and strategic risk takers.   Those who do not fit into those aforementioned categories will be churned through the socioeconomic quadmire.   Do you agree or disagree?   Why?  Why not?

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    pramodgokhaleposted 4 years ago

    I agree with you. I am a retired blue collar worker, aspirant Indians wants to climb a ladder and wish to claim position in new higher middle class.You know India a third world country and colony of British empire.After independence India started her progress under mixed economy with collaborations of many capitalist and communist countries.With stable democracy and continuous progress , we became one of the top ten economies by our GDP. GDP is a quantity and not progress indicator.There is a income disparity in our society and so called trickle down economics
    could not reach grass root people of India.
    In 90s we opened our economy and coupled with global economy and we are good at Globalization.Outsourcing is a part of this process and many Indians were easily accommodated with new set up. Import restrictions were lifted and cheap quality products are being imported in our country, so our textile industry was the first casualty and later our many traditional industries closed down.
    We lost millions of traditional jobs and created new jobs in IT and service industry.So this is a mixed success after embracing Globalization.
    In the west they transferred their work and processes to low cost destination to Asia and elsewhere.they cut the cost and time also.USA is a top innovator and developer.Americans lost their jobs and became victim of Globalization and outsourcing. These processes were promoted by their own governments.
    We should face the crisis and down to earth simplicity could help us to survive.Modern economics and American dream a role model for many in the third world, we are facing same situation in India too.
    Compassion and clemency should be the part of every government welfare scheme.the governments can not be operated on profit/loss basis. This is my opinion, related to conditions in India.
    Survival of the fittest is a jungle law and i never endorse for human society.
    i add something later.
    thank you sir.
    pramod gokhale

  3. gmwilliams profile image85
    gmwilliamsposted 4 years ago

    Life as we know it now is becoming no more.  In order to be reasonably middle class now, one must obtain a Master's Degree preferrably in business administration/management, mathematics, computers, technology, medical, and health professions.   If one has a Master's Degree in the liberal arts and humanities, you probably will get a job commensurate with your education.     However, if you have only a Bachelor's Degree unless you are in the scientific, mathematical, and technical areas, unless you are lucky, you will have only McJobs and will be underemployed and unappreciated.   

    Society will be divided into the poor/unemployed/underemployed and the affluent/wealthy/technically/entrepreneurially employed/owners.   The former will be the new slaves while the latter will be in the positions of power and ownership.   Parents had better educate their children to the fact that the world of work as we know it are gradually disappearing.   They must teach their children ownership in terms of educational and job opportunities.   They need to inculcate their children to be in their own businesses and to have careers, not jobs.

    Furthermore, they should inculcate their children regarding the principle of skill security instead of job security.    People who rely on job security will always be at the bottom and/or afraid to risk and venture regarding job/career opportunities.    The old paradigm is dying, better study, understand, and use the new paradigm for it will be the survival of those who are adept at this new paradigm. Future shock has reached and ascended to a new level.