Unorganized labors in India---

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    pramodgokhaleposted 3 years ago

    I am an Indian just retired, skilled blue collar worker. India still a third world nation is on way to become vibrant economy and claimed  dominant force in IT sector. India is divided in rural-urban segments and so income, skills,literacy , huge gap exists.
    cities and townships are being built and development activities are going on. I found skilled people get job in organized sector and enjoy benefits and privileges.There are millions of unorganized  workers who do not have such privileges and could not compete in market because lack of advanced skills and knowledge. They can be trained.and it is massive program, requires funding and training material including institutes and equipment and placements
    These labors work on daily wages basis and contractors pay them without insurance, medical aid, incentives.Government and private industries can make joint  efforts to issue them cards and funds to insure them from accidents plus wage if unemployed and help to get jobs/employment
    ILO and many international agencies can do lot to unite global labor force  who are deprived of benefits.
    Usually these unorganized workforce , skilled, unskilled  they work on farms in rural area and skilled and semi skilled work they work in cities but stay in slums and not able to get prosperous life and  they engage in financial life struggle.
    In this century India has advantage of largest youth force in the world , so India should to take advantage of this demographic dividend.If not then we continue with Indian society with inequality and would have to pay price for that.
    People of this category migrate to work in other continents but sometimes they are getting cheated and return without compensation. Indian government do not have agencies to look into such matters and least bothered of welfare.
    I think in many parts of the world situation is the same or in third world nations.