Applying for an Editor Job - Do I stand a chance and who do they want?

  1. cfin profile image81
    cfinposted 3 years ago

    I have applied for an editor job for an unnamed channel. I have little to no experience outside of blogging when it comes to editing media. I do have a Law Degree with Business and have created numerous policies and procedures at work. I have no doubt that I could be an editor, but I was wondering if anyone can give me some hope. Is it possible that I could grab this job?

    A few facts about the job:
    Web based editing
    Requires experience with social media and blogging
    Requires strong IT skills
    For a local partition of a major network connected to the University where I currently work

    A few facts about me:
    Good academic background in law and business
    Good IT and financial, professional experience
    They contacted me asking for more information and I wrote them a convincing letter.
    I currently work in finances and administration

    It would be a dream to work in editing, but do I stand a chance?

  2. belleart profile image89
    belleartposted 3 years ago

    You could have a chance at getting the job, if you have experience in the area.  It sounds like you have some of the requirements such as the social media/blogging  factors and the Business Degree will be a definite help.  Also if they have asked you for more information then they are obviously curious about you,  and are giving it some thought. 

    It sounds like they are interested to me.

    1. cfin profile image81
      cfinposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you Belleart. I will remain of the belief that it's a long shot but still a dream job.