I just got my first big-kid job!

  1. Shanna11 profile image92
    Shanna11posted 3 years ago

    Some of you may remember me. Some may not. I've been inactive for the better part of the year because my senior year of college was killing me. However, it all paid off because I just signed an offer with Goldman Sachs in SLC, UT starting next summer when I graduate. And I just wanted to share with you guys because I had some of my writing samples from Hubpages in my portfolio and my work was mentioned on my resume and they looked at them and asked some questions about it and I realized I hadn't been on HP in a lonnnng time, and I realized I kind of missed it. I learned a lot on HP in my first few years of school and the writing and extra income have only helped me since I started. I don't think I'll be that much more active now, but I thought I would check in and see how everyone is doing.

    So anyways, thanks for lots of good memories, lots of help with my writing and lots of fun arguments. wink

    1. Quilligrapher profile image87
      Quilligrapherposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Our loss is Goldman Sachs' gain. You were always a positive voice heard over the din. I have no doubts that you will do exceedingly well in any job you undertake. Good luck and keep the faith.