Sovereign nations and sovereignty---will it work in 21 st century--

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    pramodgokhaleposted 3 years ago

    After WWII , it was declared by UNO that member nations will work on common consensus but later world had experienced cold war between USA  and USSR .Arms race and division of small nations and bloodbath.
    Dubai, Singapore are city states and totally dependent  on external sources,tiny island nations are prosperous but weak. Landlocked nations in Asia, central Asia, Africa, eastern Europe, South America
    also are facing similar problems.
    When country claims sovereign then how to define because world is globalized and economies are interconnected.It looks fine but most of them have to stay at mercy of neighbor if great neighbor like
    Russia, US, India, China.
    Ukraine and Russia locked in battle and it seems Russia wants to grab territory what they claim. Weak nation can not fight giant neighbor.Might is right is the law in jungle but in global scenario is similar.
    In central Asia CIS are oil rich  nations but depend on Russia and other neighbors for trade and survival.Resource hungry nations dominate the scene and conflict of interests and existence will take them to war.
    This will damage global economic cooperation and peace.Global economic crisis and recession in west
    made situation alarming and toppling  regimes in Iraq, Libya by super power proved that we move to new colonialism in 21 st century and nothing has changed and mold is the same.