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Who was that someone? Or something? That influenced the choice of your

  1. threekeys profile image83
    threekeysposted 8 months ago

    first career or job? What was it about in that moment, event or interaction that motivated you to go down that career/job path?

    1. Leonard Tillerman profile image87
      Leonard Tillermanposted 8 months ago in reply to this

      I have never been motivated by money or objects.  I have a genuine love for helping people.  In my case, I like to help children and advocate for them as they so often do not have anyone to do it for them. I know that first hand from my own experiences growing up.  My goal has always been to help however I can. 

      All the best


  2. manatita44 profile image82
    manatita44posted 8 months ago

    I came to this world in interesting circumstances. My mother was still at school and not yet seventeen.
    She struggled from then on and I guess I carried this with me albeit in an unconscious way.

    I started work at 15. It was a local grocery shop and I worked behind the counter selling most food stuff, varying from flour, salt, sugar ... to alcoholic drinks. My mom was my first concern and I supported her - God bless her noble Soul in Heaven - for many years.

    I did this for probably a year and moved on, but yes, I was motivated by a desire to help my mom and siblings. Much Love.

  3. Rafini profile image90
    Rafiniposted 8 months ago

    My mother influenced my decisions more than I'd like to admit.  First of all, because she discouraged me from going to college, however going to beauty school was okay.  Go figure. hmm  All because I admired hairstyles that I was incapable of duplicating.  (Great idea, Mom!)

    One of my elementary school teachers also influenced me, by encouraging me to follow my hopes and dreams and by introducing me to new ideas while instilling in me a never give up attitude (I was already quite stubborn, lol so it wasn't all that difficult for her).  She is the reason I am currently pursuing a career as a writer.  Because she recognized my need to communicate with others, to be heard.

    Nice question.