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What would be the best way to start a not for profit?

  1. AarokDaarkk profile image54
    AarokDaarkkposted 8 years ago

    What would be the best way to start a not for profit?

    The business would deal in the care and housing of animals, alternative energy, buildings and farming.

  2. aheinvestment profile image54
    aheinvestmentposted 8 years ago

    The best way to start an NGO is to make sure its in a society where people will appreciate what you are doing.Email me for me

  3. cphdomains profile image52
    cphdomainsposted 8 years ago

    The very, very first step should be to start a blog. It's easy to set up, you can explain what you're all about and you can refer people who are interested in your business area to the blog.

    My advice is get people interested first, before jumping into building a NGO (which is a good idea).

  4. SistasExpress profile image72
    SistasExpressposted 8 years ago

    Sir, the first step is to go to the Secretary of State and get paperwork to apply for your 501(c)(3).  This is the tax exempt paperwork that needs to be filed with the State where you plan to conduct your non profit.  Before you file the paperwork you will need to call the IRS and get a EIN number.

    You could also get paper work and file for a 501(c)(4) so that you can apply for grants with foundations, your business looks like foundation money.  I hope this helps...look at my Tea Solutions blog.  I process this type paper work for a liviing here in Chicago.

    My blog will tell you the rest of the process to start a non profit, how to raise money for a non profit, and how to manage to keep your non profit running for years to come.

  5. donrich profile image60
    donrichposted 8 years ago

    with you can do a lot with your NGOs, is in aution now you can bid now at: