How do you find a real job that you can work from home?

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  1. Caerleon profile image74
    Caerleonposted 10 years ago

    How do you find a real job that you can work from home?

    When looking for work, I have found some job offers to be to "work from home".  How do I do my research on these companies to see if they are for real or just a scam.  I know the obvious one is when they ask you for money but beyond that what should I be doing?

  2. profile image0
    pgrundyposted 10 years ago

    You have to identify some skill or talent that you have that other people are willing to pay for. Forget the online offers. They are scams 99.9% of the time.

    I sell my writing to people who own or manage websites, and I also write for ad revenue here at Hub Pages and at another site. I'm also working on a novel for paper publication. I chose writing because it is one of the few things I do well and that I know other people will pay me to do for them, but when I was younger I had my own gardening business. I weeded the perennial gardens of rich ladies and planted roses and annuals for old people. I always had more work than I wanted, because lots of people don't like to do physical labor outdoors.

    So figure out what you're good at, print up some business cards, post some fliers, and just start working. Errands, bookkeeping, house cleaning, elder care--all of these are possible and much more. That is what has worked for me in the past anyway. Good luck! smile

  3. John Fracchia profile image60
    John Fracchiaposted 10 years ago

    This can be very difficult.  Like any good job search, I recommend doing deep research.  Searching the company name at the Better Business Bureau ( can be helpful and if there are complaints you'll see them there.  I would also do a search to see if there are any pending lawsuits, or complaint sites.  Complaint sites may be the opinion of one person, but if you see a trend, it may give you enough of an impetus to stay away.  I would also be cautious about organizations that ask for money up front in order to get information about starting their business.  There are some legitimate businesses that require purchasing demonstration materials in order to get started, but if a company is asking for money just to find out about the opportunity, I'd steer clear.  Best of luck!

  4. shirleybill profile image58
    shirleybillposted 10 years ago

    There are some legitimate things that you can do from home. I do a lot of writing. is an excellent resource for writing "how to" articles. You write, and you retain the rights to your articles. You continue to get paid, as long as your articles are on the site. They pay out, once a month, with any amount over 10.00. I have not had a problem with getting paid at all.
    There are a few other resources that are very good also.

  5. guidebaba profile image57
    guidebabaposted 10 years ago

    Real work from home jobs to earn money are not easy to find. I have written a honest hub on this topic. You can read it here: … Earn-Money

  6. Neil Ashworth profile image42
    Neil Ashworthposted 10 years ago

    The vast majority of Work From Home opportunities online are multi-level-marketing programmes.

    It is incorrect to say that these are scams but I can understand the suspicion around this particular business model as it is usually promoted badly, takes all kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds and often throws them into an unhealthy battle for attention which results in unethical and dishonest advertising habits.

    There are many ways you can work from home to enjoy a regular wage or income from your efforts such as freelancing for specific tasks (GetFreelancer is a good site for this and you can register free I think - but it is very competitive).

    Work from home opportunities (Multi level or other) offer a viable business model if you take this approach;

    1. Find the right company and research it thoroughly before stepping off into the unknown.
    2. Understand that it will take a budget to build your business - either online or offline - its a business after all
    3. Study and acquire the skills to market effectively

    For every person who does not want to buy your product or join your opportunity there are others who do.

    Dont try to convince those who dont because its not what they are looking for - find people who are searching for what you are searching for - an income from home and learn how to teach those people how to do what you are doing and you can build a good income over time.

    Good luck!

  7. Ambition398 profile image60
    Ambition398posted 10 years ago

    Become a virtual assistant! I know many people who have been able to secure positions one. There are organizations out there too that you could join to help you get going. You could have an actual VA business or just apply for positions on job outsourcing boards and Craigslist.

  8. upal19 profile image61
    upal19posted 10 years ago

    we can make money writing reviews on products other than adsense or affiliating. please check to find out.

  9. R.J. Landsdown profile image60
    R.J. Landsdownposted 10 years ago

    Pretty much it comes down to research. Online jobs are not like going to McDonalds and putting in an application. Do searches for that company or person in review sites and scam sites. Knowledge is power my friend. But there are several things you CAN do online from home.
    Affiliate Marketing
    Viewing ads
    I could go on, but the real idea is to get multiple streams of income from the computer to see any real money.
    I'd say try whatever you want if it's free and do as much research as you can.

  10. Chris Turner profile image59
    Chris Turnerposted 10 years ago

    There are many top multi-level marketing companies out there that people can do to work from home, with little start up fees.  If you check in an entrepreneural magazine like Inc. 500 or sites that are on Hubpages, you can find companies with growth and that are real!  If you sign up with a top company and put time into building your business from home and stick with it, you can have an income. Learn how to enroll people the right way and don't give up after just a couple of months, like most people do.  Do some homework and check things out before you start your business to see what is real and what is not!  I have some hubs on this issue:  would be one of the hubs related to working from home.

  11. angryeve profile image60
    angryeveposted 10 years ago

    hi well what i personally do is butt in to some forums. and usually a legit site that really pays their members aren't that hard to find since members themselves like to talk about it. you might wanna check my hub on legit work online, and don't worry it's really legit.

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