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Anyone here (other than me) participate in paid surveys?

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    kennethyouposted 8 years ago

    Anyone here (other than me) participate in paid surveys?

  2. lama204 profile image56
    lama204posted 8 years ago

    yes, i did try couple of them, but i found all are scam, i mean, they dont pay you on time, very little surveys available per day.
    The only one i trust is peoplestring. it has some different way to earn money online. Surveys are also available inside. Its completely free to join and easy to navigate around.
    If you want more information about it, please visit this site,

    if you want to join, click the link below,

  3. Property-Invest profile image55
    Property-Investposted 7 years ago

    Well, there are a lot of scams around but they're pretty obvious; badly built sites, spelling errors and blantant promises that just don't make sense.  But there are a number of super ones too.  I've compiled a whole list of safe, relaible and cash paying surveys around the world which you will have access to by reading through my hub.  http://hubpages.com/hub/Make-Money-from … ne-Surveys

  4. M. Engebawy, PhD profile image69
    M. Engebawy, PhDposted 7 years ago

    Yes, I do. Online paid surveys can be a side activity that generates a steady income of more than $200 from the comfort of the home for anyone (18+) who can commit at least 40 hours per month. Surveyhead (international), Opinion Outpost (US & Canada), and Global Test Market (international) are my favorites. I recently created 3 hubs on this topic.

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    joannejggposted 7 years ago

    I found this new website called Varolo that you get paid for watching TV commercials. There is no credit card number required. You can grow your village and make more money. I thought it was cool, it's straight to the point.

    http://www.varolo.com/d/node/12?id=wbna … 0lnubb.pbz

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    theguruseyeposted 4 years ago

    I do too. I have been for over 5 years to date. It really is easy and addictive.