how much the legal capital of the corporation?

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    hyunjaeposted 8 years ago

    how much the legal capital of the corporation?

    10% cumulative preferred at par value,P100----- 400,000
    discount on preferred stock-------------------------- 2,000
    common stock at par value,P50.00----------------- 700,000
    subscribed capital stock-common------------------- 300,000
    subscription receivable-common--------------------100,000
    additional paid in capital-common------------------- 50,000
    revaluation increment on property------------------ 10,000
    retained earnings-------------------------------------- 1,850,000

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    one2get2noposted 8 years ago

    Amount of stockholders' equity that cannot be reduced by the payment of dividends. It is defined by the par value of par-value issued stock or the stated value of no-par issued stock. So in your example its everything except property, and retained earnings.