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Has anyone had any success with PPC and affiliate marketing?

  1. I.B. profile image72
    I.B.posted 8 years ago

    Has anyone had any success with PPC and affiliate marketing?

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    Go Writerposted 7 years ago

    Hi, I.B.

    I haven't had success with PPC from the major search engines, but I have had luck in the past with a site called 7 Search.

    It's much easier to use than Google Adwords. A little cheaper. Very responsive for Work at Home, Internet Marketing, Health, Dating, Golf-related niches.

    No quality score to deal with, thankfully.

    It's pre-paid, meaning you have to have at least $25 to start an account with it. Once the $25 has run out, it's up to you to re-up it.

    Compared to other smaller PPC sites, 7 Search is strongly against click fraud. So if you spend more than $100 a week in advertising, they're going to want you to fill out a form and paperwork, credit card details, ID, etc.

    I just kept it to $100 or less. Don't be surprised if you see reminders. Just ignore it and keep within $100 a week or less.

    7 Search works best for getting people into your list. I've had trouble just trying to do straight sales, but list-building...not bad. Not great. But not bad. You'll get sign-ups.

    Plus, the banner ad you use is long. So you can put whole sentences in the banner.

    They also have a feature called Smart Bid. You don't need it. All you've got to do is bid high enough to stay in the top 3 positions. That's easy to do; out bid by 1 cent. I've had all my keywords in position 3, and I still got hordes of clicks.

    You don't need that many keyword either. When you start choosing keywords, 7 Search will tell you how many clicks you're expected to get. Choose anything 3-digits and up, you should be fine.

  3. mm1964 profile image60
    mm1964posted 7 years ago

    Hi I.B.

    Many people are making money as we speak with PPC and affiliate marketing. From my experience you can't succeed on your own.Success doesn't come by luck. you need to be somewhere, forums or affiliate membership site.

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    markjoseph11posted 7 years ago

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  5. briancassingena profile image57
    briancassingenaposted 7 years ago

    If you've going to go down this path you MUST know your numbers cold. It's getting tougher all the time just to sell your OWN products with PPC and make a profit. When you're relying on  an affiliate commission it's twice as hard.

    You need to have a well constructed ppc campaign, and you must keep an eye on the numbers. And, you should also build a list with as many emails as possible, once they're on your list, you don't need to fork out for another click to get them back to your site.