What genuine successes have you had through affiliate marketing?

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    m4rtinrocheposted 6 years ago via iphone

    Having just started out with affiliate marketing and registered to a number of affiliate such as amazon, linkshare and affiliate window, I was wondering what genuine success people have had using these. I have had a bit of success with a well know UK brand but nothing huge just yet.

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    Go Writerposted 6 years ago

    I've recently had decent success with CPA Marketing. I spent three years going up and down with internet marketing.

    So I would recommend that beginners start promoting products in the non-make money online niche first.

    Don't  be afraid to advertise and tweak your ads until you see conversions. Of course, be mindful of your budget.

    Consider using Facebook ads, Myspace ads, 7 Search, Admob, CPV/PPV ads and Adknowledge for advertising. Google, Yahoo and Bing have the best quality traffic but can also plow through your budget if you're not watchful.

    These days, though, Google Adwords now allows you to pre-pay with at least 10 dollars, an option I highly recommend. Plus, if you register an account with Go Daddy, you can get $100 in Google Adwords coupons as well as $50 in Facebook Ad coupons.

    MySpace Ad coupons are hard to find these days, but keep an eye out.