Of all these interesting jobs, which was your favorite and why?

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    Mighty Momposted 7 years ago

    Of all these interesting jobs, which was your favorite and why?

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    kulwanposted 7 years ago

    Interesting?  I would rank my intelligence service time as the most challenging mentally and my brief political career as the most challenging physically.  I guess the former ranks amongst my favorites.  I spent a lot of time hyped on adrenalin and, when I left the service and settled into a somewhat middle class existence, life seemed very bland for some time.  I presume that existing in an atmosphere of physical risk was enticing.  This possibly was why I and a partner of mine started an outlaw motorcycle club in southern California.  He was ex-special forces serving in Laos about the same time I was hopping the Far Eastern borders in pursuit of the Khymer Rouge goulies (CPNLAF).  We met in a bar in Japan and continued our friendship after we resigned from the service.  Maybe I was a bit jaded by being on the Big Island (Hawaii) during WWII and hanging out with my father at the Marine Division's BOQ.  There, I heard firsthand all of the gory details of the battles for the island of the Pacific (age 7 to 10).  Moreover, being reared in a quasi-jungle environment with Japanese, Chinese and Korean children gave me a different slant on life.  I adopted a mix of their philosophies.  Thus, I was mentally prepared for my session in the Far East.  The more detailed information on this period of my life I share only with my older grandsons.  Sorry.  At any rate, I hope this answered your question and thank you for asking.

    "Tony" Souza (my real name)

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