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I quit my job without giving a notice. I asked for a copy of my termination pape

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    manleycposted 7 years ago

    I quit my job without giving a notice. I asked for a copy of my termination paper when I picked...

    up my check. My former boss put me as non-rehirable and said that my work performance was poor. When I asked him why he put this since he had just told me prior to quitting that he appreciated all of my hard work and that I was doing a great job. He could not give me an answer. Now i'm not finding a job anywhere even though I have managment experience and good work history. I feel this is due to him putting this on my termination or giving a bad reference because he is mad that I did not give a notice. Is there anything I can do?

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    shyamchatposted 7 years ago

    You can think of the following actions ;

    1. Sacrifice your 'ego', seek an appointment with your boss and offer a valid reason for your leaving the Company without  Notice.
    If no valid reason exists, pl offer  him an apology and coax him to issue a fresh Termination letter.

    2. Seek help of HR Manager or a senior level person  of your previous Employer  to play a go-between your former boss and you so that a fresh Termination letter be issued.

    If the job market  demands a good reference from your  previous Employer , then you better patch up as soon as possible. This action will  eventually come to your good stead.

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    Springboardposted 7 years ago

    Many people will probably disagree with me, but my thinking is basically that companies really shouldn't have an expectation for notice. It might be the courteous thing to do. It is probably the professional thing to do. But companies often times do not extend this to their employees. It's a one sided deal. Companies often times will tell you you have to work on a weekend on Friday afternoon for example—forget your plans. And if they want to fire you, they'll likely not let you know until the last minute as well, and probably at the end of your work day rather than the start of it.

    That said, if you are having difficulty finding work now, it may have more to do with the way you are handling interview questions rather than any influence from a former boss. Though, if you suspect this, it is illegal. One way to check up on this is to have a friend call your former boss and act as a hiring HR person. Ask for the legal details like when you started and what your termination date was. Then ask the illegal ones, like "What kind of an employee was he/she?" You may even want to record the conversation, though recorded conversations are not necessarily admissible if the party on the other end of the call are not aware they are being recorded.

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    MickSposted 7 years ago

    did the terms of your contract state that you should give a specific notice period.  If so, you are in breach of contract, simple.  You could try contacting your old employer and apologise, but don't hold your breath waiting for a positive result.

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    minxibellposted 7 years ago

    Dont know where your from but in England previous employers can not give you a bad reference, they can grade you on aspect of your work if your future employer asks for it but generally in their personal statement about you it cant be negative. Rather than a negative reference the only other option they have is not to reply & its then in your future employers hands if they ask the question as to why you left.
    I know it frustrating but you have to get on with applying & something will come your way.

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    David99999posted 7 years ago

    I would suggest explaining your situation to prospective employers...though...without mentioning that you didn't give any notice before resigning from your last position.  Unfortunately, there probably isn't much that you can do about your former boss putting you on a no-rehire list.  In my home state, it is against the law for a former employer to say anything to a questioner about a former employee, other than whether or not that person was, in fact, employed there. However, it is virtually impossible to prove what they actually said. Good luck!

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    qingtianposted 4 years ago

    i was once at the state as yours. actually, the problem is not you but your ex-boss. he likes you a lot actually but he is a person that is full with egos and no one can challenge him. he hates you because you quit your job without giving notice, right? last time, what i did? i told him, this is why i quit my job because i cannot understand u and i cannot stand with your temper. he was mad. i was depressed and one day, my friends asked  me,why should i be worried? people will know who is he based from his childish reaction to me and people will understand why i quit my job. be patience. good thing will come to you soon. the important thing now, stop thinking about your ex-boss and move on. i am sure there is someone who will hire you. stop thinking about the past. just keep on looking for good job. your lucky day will come. smile