how you optemised your website?any new ideas?

  1. internetmoney100 profile image56
    internetmoney100posted 7 years ago

    how  you optemised your website?any new ideas?

    new ideas for seo

  2. EpicNoob profile image47
    EpicNoobposted 7 years ago

    Whatever keyword you're targetting, always aim to include it a good ten times in your webpage text just so Google knows your content is relevant to your title. Then, on whichever image hosting site you're using, make sure your images have that same keyword for their 'tags'.

    These little things help Google know your website is relevant to the keyword they're listing your site for.

  3. johnsams profile image71
    johnsamsposted 7 years ago

    I totally agree with epicnoob on this one. keyword research, article distribution, Quality content and not just keyword stuffing,