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If your employer asks you to provide your company laptop password to them, will

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    bubuchangposted 7 years ago

    If your employer asks you to provide your company laptop password to them, will it be legal to do so

    If your employer or manager asks you to provide your comany own laptop passwords to them for investigation, will it be legal to do so? What about if the password setup is based on some own private information?

  2. flounderingsahm profile image72
    flounderingsahmposted 7 years ago

    It all depends on the company policy.  Most times, if a manager wants into your account, they have to go through HR in order to do it.  Most companies have a policy that allows employees to give their password to tech support so that they can do work on their computers (backups, upgrades, restores, etc.)

  3. telltale profile image76
    telltaleposted 7 years ago

    What I would normally do, is to change my password to a simple one before I pass the laptop to them.  After I re-possess my laptop, I will change the password again.

    If the laptop belongs to the company, you need to let them review what they want in the laptop, say, during an audit or 'investigation' as you said, don't think you have a choice or say about this.

  4. Geek_luv profile image61
    Geek_luvposted 7 years ago

    It is company property, so yes, it is legal for them to ask for access to their property. If I were you, I would change it to something less personal then give them that password. When you were given the computer you more than likely signed paperwork that stated that it was company property and not your personal property, so from a legal stand point you could get in trouble for withholding access by not providing the password.