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What is the most effective and easiest way to generate lots of money on click-ba

  1. Mr.Snow profile image58
    Mr.Snowposted 7 years ago

    What is the most effective and easiest way to generate lots of money on click-bank as an affiliate?

  2. nethook profile image55
    nethookposted 7 years ago
  3. Vaiebhav profile image78
    Vaiebhavposted 7 years ago

    Good question. There isn't a way that's most effective AND easiest.
    Here are some factors that will make you more effective ClickBank vendor or affiliate. But these are not the easiest.
    1. Find a very niche market
    2. Find what they want
    3. Create a highly niche product to meet that need
    4. Get a domain name that contains key words for that niche
    5. Create your website using copy that appeals to that need. Use as many keywords as possible in that copy.
    6. Use social media, article marketing and backlinks to drive traffic to your copy
    7. Sit back and be patient.

    There are more marketing tips on my website: http://www.mindstrategist.com
    Hope this helps.

  4. Tombuckers profile image60
    Tombuckersposted 7 years ago

    Check the affiliate marketing section of this hub: http://hubpages.com/hub/How-To-Make-Mon … t-and-Free

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    hubrickposted 7 years ago

    The key to any affiliate program is traffic,traffic, traffic to your affiliate  link. Cloak your hoplink with your own dot com address that will get peoples attention and learn how to drive that traffic to your link. Remember no traffic no sales. Hope this helps you.    Rick