How should I ask my boss for a raise? I've been at my job for 3 years with one r

  1. Pagelift profile image60
    Pageliftposted 7 years ago

    How should I ask my boss for a raise? I've been at my job for 3 years with one raise.

  2. Rhonda Waits profile image80
    Rhonda Waitsposted 7 years ago

    Remember every time you ask for a raise does not mean your going to get one! Sometimes you will get a raise when you ask for one.

    If your employer turns you down. Don't get mad at your employer. Remain calm. Keep your cool about your self. Ask your employer why you were turned down. How can you improve for a raise for next time. Find out if you could get some more coaching or on the job training. This may increase your chance of getting a raise the next time. Ask your employer for his or her suggestions for you? Ask if you have put in enough time and effort for a raise? Do you need more skills for a raise? Find out how and what you need to do, for a raise?

  3. arrtd2 profile image60
    arrtd2posted 5 years ago

    One approach that has worked for me in the past instead of asking for a raise directly, is to go to my manager with a goal of where I would like to see myself next year responsibility-wise and skill-wise. I ask for their help in crafting a plan to get me to the next level. Once I got to the next level, a higher-level and better paying job/position would invariably follow. Showing that you want to improve your skills and take on more responsibility puts you in a positive light with management, so when you do ask for the raise and/or new job position/title, they are more inclined to agree to your request.