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Do you let greed and deceit get the best of you?

  1. Jangaplanet profile image78
    Jangaplanetposted 7 years ago

    Do you let greed and deceit get the best of you?

  2. duffsmom profile image61
    duffsmomposted 7 years ago

    No, I learned a long time ago that honesty is absolutely the best policy.  Be honest, have integrity and do it with dignity.  Greed is something I don't really have to deal with either.

  3. dtchosen profile image59
    dtchosenposted 7 years ago

    NO and we must consciously control it because if we don't it will control us before we know it.

  4. marketingnotesja profile image60
    marketingnotesjaposted 7 years ago

    Greed is what keeps most of us going.... it is the fuel that drives us to achieve our goals, whether it is to become rich or to drive the profits of an organization. Whether we like it or not we are all greedy, it's apart of our nature, we can never have enough. The only thing we need to do is to learn how to control our greed and to do things in moderation.

    For the most part I try to always be satisfied with the little I have and to be comfortable with my position in life. It is embedded in my mind that it doesn't profit you to be too greedy, unncessary problems come your way when that happens. Its just not worth it.

  5. saanj H profile image76
    saanj Hposted 7 years ago


    I dont think so. I feel that you need to be honest, dedicated towards anything that you do. Greed is something that corrupts an individual's conscience completely.This is so because greed brings about an urge to get something more. The demands become endless and leads to disaster.