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What is SEO?

  1. jg555 profile image60
    jg555posted 6 years ago

    What is SEO?

  2. sarclair profile image79
    sarclairposted 6 years ago

    SEO stands for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is broad. You will need to read hubs to better understand it.  The Hubpages also has a wonderful group of people that understand SEO. Just do a search on the hub pages for SEO. You will see a wealth of information. The best place to get it is here, since it comes from a community that is knowledgeable, and not out to advertise to fellow hubers.

  3. Ultimate Hubber profile image63
    Ultimate Hubberposted 6 years ago

    SEO or search engine optimization is a process of making your pages rank better in search engines so that you can get more organic traffic. The process normally involves getting related backlinks to your blogs or hubpages.

  4. rishisab profile image55
    rishisabposted 6 years ago

    Search engine optimization, like the words say, is a process of optimizing your website according to the norms of search engines so as to get better ranking on search engine.

    Like you have to wear a special dress code in order to attend a special function. In the similar manner, your website needs to be optimized properly by :

    -  working on its content;
    - placing important website information in title tag, meta description tags and anchor tags;
    - or by creating a better site architecture

    so that your website manages to make an impression, on search engine, among all other similar websites.

    For more information about SEO, you can read my 5 part SEO series on my Hubpage smile

    I hope you get what you are looking for. Have a great day.

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    Go Writerposted 6 years ago

    Paid advertising is faster at getting traffic than SEO. I don't mean blowing all your money on Google Adwords. I use the cheaper traffic sites (totally legit) like ineedhits.com, growstats.com and Direct CPV.

    Keep in mind that when you do SEO your articles, you need backlinks to help push your ranks up so you can get traffic.

    That takes forever! Like weeks.

    Optimise your articles with your desired keywords, yes, but throw targeted traffic at it for $7 for 1000 hits (GrowStats.com does this) over the course of the week.

    When Google and other search engines see all these visitors coming to your hub, they'll think your hub is an authority and start boosting you up the ranks anyway.

    So if you're in the process of ranking well on the first page of results, why not throw some initial traffic at it, get some authority, start ranking and  get targeted visitors. Kill 3 birds with one stone instead of waiting forever on the backlinks.

    Also, this initial traffic helps your hubs for better conversion. I mean, if 1000 people visit your site and nobody clicks your links, that tells you that you've got to change something on your hub. Maybe some of the wording.