Will google allow adsense for Homeless?

  1. dtn2885 profile image58
    dtn2885posted 6 years ago

    Will google allow adsense for Homeless?

    My girlfriend and I went out to eat El Pollo Loco and I saw a homeless man laying by entry door. When we walked pass him to enter the restaurant he asked if we had any change. We told the man we didn't have cash on us and he lowered his head. As I was eating El Pollo Loco's flamed grill chicken, My girlfriend and I were talking about a site we can develop together and put google adsense on it. We thought it would be really cool if we made a site that talked about why and how people become homeless and the money earned from this site would be donated 100% to homeless shelters.


  2. hospitalera profile image70
    hospitaleraposted 6 years ago

    Good idea, but if the idea is that you develop the site and donate the money, why the question? Adsense requires having a permanent address, amongst other things, if you have one, Google doesn't care where the money goes to that you earn, SY