How many hours a day you work?

  1. shiloh01 profile image55
    shiloh01posted 6 years ago

    How many hours a day you work?

    Work hours are flexible in many countries but in others they have fixed hours system. I want to know on an average how many hours a person works?

  2. CWanamaker profile image99
    CWanamakerposted 6 years ago

    I work about 9 hours a day. 10 if you count lunch. Add driving and my day totals to about 11 hours away from home.

  3. BizGenGirl profile image89
    BizGenGirlposted 6 years ago

    It varies for me. I probably work between 8 and 10 hours per day, usually at least 6 days per week. Though I work for myself through several different jobs.

    In Seattle, the average "job" is 35 to 40 hours per week, which would even out to 8 hour a day minus a 30 minute lunch break.